Mu Archangel


Background Story

After the seal of the Dark Lord Kundun...

Led by Muren, the heads of state become keenly aware of the need for a new unified empire.
Thus, in the newly born Mu Empire, there seemed to be a sense of peace for a while.

However, peace soon meant laziness and Gaion,
the commander-in-chief of the Mu Empire, could not bear it.

He proposes to Emperor Muren a plan to overthrow the Kundun forces.
However, to maintain the peace that came only after a long sacrifice,
Muren chooses the stability of the empire.

Gaion, having his pride hurt, eventually revolts.
However, this never reached a level even close to the power of Emperor Muren.

This seemed to be the end for Gaion, who was constantly on the chase after his loss against Muren.
It was at this moment, something flashed through his mind.

The peace of the Mu Empire was no longer of importance to Gaion.
He leads his footsteps to the Secromicon, where Kundun is sealed.


  • Guild

    Create a guild with your friends.
    Explore the MU Continent with guild members and take advantage of various benefits.
    Various guild contents such as Castle Siege, Guild Estate, Guild Training are awaiting you.

  • Boss

    Cooperate with your guild members to take down the BOSS.
    Join now for a fierce battle for rare equipments, jewels, and upgrade materials!

  • Dungeon

    Bellator, Land of Demons, Icaria, and more
    Experience new dungeons that can only be found in MU Archangel!
    Don't miss out on various rewards that will make you stronger.

Class Introduction

  • Dark Knight

    Descendants of Lorencia, the kingdom of Knights.
    They are known for stupendous stamina and energy.
    With heavy and powerful attacks, they lower the morale of the enemy, and with quick movements, they block enemy attacks.
    Using close combat, they dominate the battlefield with a combination of strength and skill.

  • Dark Wizard

    Descendants of Arca in the southern part of the MU continent.
    Using vigorous magic power, they put the opponent into confusion.
    Overwhelm the enemy with various types of magic,​and their name alone gives the enemy a nightmare.

  • Elf

    A member of Noria, the kingdom of Elves.
    An elemental tribe known for a beautiful appearance.
    They are the battlefield guardian angel with bow, which inflict a lethal attack on the enemy.
    Sometimes, various creatures are summoned to disturb the enemy.