[Guild Contents] Adventure Association

Do you wish to become a more powerful guild?
Become the Adventure Association to support Goblin Treasure Convoy and earn rewards to expand your guild even further!

[Adventure Association Ownership Auction]

1. A total of 3 auctions are held every Saturday at 20:00, 20:30, and 21:00 (Server time), an auction will be held for 3 times in total, and each auction runs for 20 minutes.
You can acquire Adventure Association Ownership through the Adventure Association Auction.
2. Only guilds who have achieved the top 10 or higher in Total Guild CP and a weekly reputation accumulation of 150,000 can participate in the auction. 
3. One Ownership is auctioned per auction, and Guild Funds are used during the auction.
4. The guild with the highest bid wins the Ownership of the Adventure Association at the auction.
5. The Ownership of the Adventure Association remain in effect for one week, and during that period, you can support the Goblin Treasure Convoy.
※ The guild can use half of the guild funds in the auction.

[Goblin Treasure Convoy Support]
1. The Guild Master, Deputy Guild Master and Elite Guild Members of each Adventure Association can accept or decline requests to support Goblin Treasure Convoy.
2. When the request is accepted, you can support Goblin Treasure Convoy of the other character who requested.
3. The reward will be given after completing Goblin Treasure Convoy with the support of the Adventure Association.
4. If Goblin's HP falls below a certain level during the Treasure Convoy, however, the treasure may be plundered. In this case, some of the guild funds of the Adventure Association will be deducted.