[Spirituality] Ring - Marking

Check out your awakening skills through Ring Marking that will make the ring even stronger!

After acquiring the ring through the Chrysos Arena, you can use the Ring Marking, and you can use it through [Spirituality] > [Ring] > [Marking].

In order to activate Ring Marking, the level of the ring must reach a certain level, and upon reaching a certain level, you can activate Ring Marking using a Hekaton Marking.

In addition, Hekaton Marking, the material for Ring Marking, can be obtained from the Chrysos Arena and the World Shop.

You can acquire a powerful marking option when Ring Marking is activated, and you can activate marking skills according to a certain active number of Ring Markings.

The number of rings that can be marked increases according to the grade of the ring, and the higher the grade, the more Ring Marking can be activated.

Rings can be marked individually, and the marking options and marking skills acquired through Ring Marking are applied even when not equipped.