[Chrysos] Chrysos Arena - Regular Arena

You can participate in the Regular Arena 6 times a day, and the number of entries is reset at 05:00 every day.

You may purchase additional entry tickets to the Regular Arena using Diamonds.

The Regular Arena is open from the first Tuesday to the last Tuesday of the month.

In the regular arena, '2 wins out of the 3' rule is applied.

Each round lasts 60 seconds, and you must defeat your opponent within the time limit to win.

If you do not defeat each other within the time limit, the character with more HP wins, and if the remaining HP is the same, the character with higher World Ranking wins.

You will receive Battle Coins and Battle Points when you win or lose a match and the winning character will receive more rewards.

The Arena Tier increases when the battle score reaches a certain level.

The top 32 characters in the Arena World Ranking can advance to the Round of 32 in the season and participate in the Final Arena.