[Dungeon] Elemental Altar

Kill the constantly appearing monsters to help recover the crystal's life!

The Elemental Altar is unlocked upon reaching Master Lv. 250. The Elemental Altar content can be found in [Daily] > [Dungeon] > [Elemental Altar] at the top right corner of the screen.

Elemental Altar Dungeon is a content where you protect the crystal from the constantly appearing monsters until it recovers its lost power.

When you enter the dungeon, there are 1 Grand Crystal and 3 Small Crystals.

Monsters that appear constantly attack Small Crystals first, and if all the Small Crystals are destroyed, they attack Grand Crystals.

Small Crystals constantly restore the life of Grand Crystals until they all got destroyed.

If you equip the Elemental Set equipment in the tier corresponding to the floor number of the Elemental Altar, the health recovery rate of the Grand Crystal increases.

The remained health of a Grand Crystal determines the grade of the dungeon you cleared and reward from it. At the end of the Elemental Altar, the higher the health of the Grand Crystal, the greater the reward.

Elemental Altar rewards are divided into grades SS to C, and you can acquire rewards starting from grade C or higher.