[Temple Artifact] Temple Artifact

Try out the mysterious Temple Artifacts containing various powerful options!

Temple Artifact opens after the 7th Class Change and reaching master level 300, and can be accessed via [Temple Artifact] in the bottom right side of the screen.

There are 9 types of Temple Artifacts that are dropped by Temple of Solomon Bosses and Elite monsters.

You may equip a Temple Artifact to acquire Cloud/Deluge/Blizzard/Thunder/Chaos Temple resistances and various options.

Once you reach each Temple's required RES level, the new Temple of Solomon wing and its floors open up.

Equipped Temple Artifact can be switched at any time and when switched, Upgrade, Awaken, and Imbue Magic options are transferred automatically.

Temple Artifacts come in Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary tiers, and every time you equip 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 items of the same set, set effects are activated.
Magic/Epic Temple Artifacts can activate 2, 3, 5 set effects, and Unique/Legendary Temple Artifacts can activate up to 9 set effects.

Unique/Legendary Temple Artifacts have a wider variety of set artifacts with different set effects.

Temple Artifacts have dedicated PVP skills for each set and are activated when over 7 legendary artifacts of the same set are equipped.