[Mythical Beast] Mythical Beast Awaken

Awaken the Mythical Beast for more powerful options and exclusive Mythical Skills!

Mythical Beast Awaken can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Mythical Beast] > [Preview] > [Mythical Beast Awaken].

Only the followed Mythical Beast can be awakened:
: Flamen King, Awaken Condra, White Lord, Angelo, Hellmount Ruler, Abyss Bishop

Mythical Beast Heart is consumed for awakening Mythical Beast. Awakening is available for max. 2 times.

Awakening x1 : Allows the Mythical Beast to participate battles and activates options and Awakening Skills.
Awakening x2 : Allows the activated options and Mythical to be more powerful.

Awakened Mythical Beast can be checked in [Awaken] > [Battle], and can be placed among 6 slots.

If converted to PVP battle status, Mythical Beast is summoned in orders of slots, from 1 to 6. Summoned awakened Mythical Beast will assist you using the exclusive Awakening Skills in the battle.

The Mythical Beast summoned by Battle Participation lasts for 15 seconds, and the next Mythical Beast will be summoned after 5 seconds of Cooldown.

In case of the last Mythical Beast in the 6th slot, the Cooldown will be applied to 20 seconds and summon the Mythical Beast in the 1st slot. (Cooldown returns to 5 sec.)

※ Even if the slot is empty, the summon duration and Cooldown is applied.