[Daily Event] Ordeals of Marune

Complete the Ordeals of Marune and receive a wide variety of rewards!

Ordeals of Marune opens at 5 AM once you achievea specific level or meet the Class Change conditions and it can be accessed via the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Compass]> [Ordeals of Marune].

[Event Requirements]
Once you reach the following requirements and levels, Ordeals of Marune opens up at 5 AM.
1) After the 3rd Class Change Lv. 360-380
2) After the 5th Class Change Master Lv. 150-165
3) After the 7th Class Change Master Lv. 310-320
4) After the 9th Class Change Master Lv. 510-520

[Event Rules]
1. Ordeals of Marune will be open for 10 days.
2. There are a total of 7 Ordeals and each consist of 3 Ordeal quests.
3. During the event, you may complete 1 Ordeal a day and upon completing the daily Ordeal, the next Ordeal will be available at 5 AM on the following day.
4. Failing to complete an Ordeal on the day of prevents an Ordeal from opening up the following day but you can still continue with the Ordeal from the previous day.
5. Ordeals of Marune is completed either after 10 days or once all 7 Ordeals are completed.

[Collect Rewards]
1. Every time you complete 3 quests in each Ordeal, you will receive Ordeal rewards.
2. Unclaimed rewards during Ordeals of Marune will be sent via mail.
3. Class change items acquired from Ordeals of Marune are valid for 14 days.

※ Cannot be reclaimed or redeemed in any way once it expires.
※ After the update you can start the Ordeals of Marune in line with your current level. All the previous level Ordeal rewards will be sent via mail.
    However, you can only receive one class change ticket.
※ After the update, if you meet the requirement for the Ordeals of Marune, it will open at 5AM on the following day.