[Spirituality] Holy Armor

Holy Armor will give you a strong boost in battle against other characters!
Holy Armor activates during PVP and gives you a powerful DMG Reduction effect.

Holy Armor opens after the 6th Class Change, reaching Master Lv. 230 and completing the [Holy Armor's Trail] sub quest, and can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen in [Spirituality] > [Holy Armor].

[Holy Armor Details]
- To activate Holy Armor, the number of characters to activate it must be within 6m distance.
- Once Holy Armor activates, a purple bar will appear below the character.  - When there aren't enough required characters in range, after 5 seconds, Holy Stats decrease over time.
- If battle doesn't start 5 seconds after Holy Armor was activated, Holy Stat decreases over time. Will lowers the rate of Holy Stat's decrease. 
- When Promoting Holy Armor, Will and Holy Stat increases together.

[Additional Holy Armor Option]
When reaching a sufficient Holy Armor rating, additional options are granted.

[Holy Armor - Forge Spark]