[Craft] Luck Upgrade - Luck Craft

Luck Craft opens after reaching Master Lv. 200 and performing Luck Upgrade with the equipment.
It can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen in [Craft] > [Luck Upgrade] > [Luck Craft].

Luck Craft is available in 7 parts of the Godly Equipments with over Tier 6 after the Luck Upgrade.
After Luck Craft, default options of the equipment increase massively and a Luck option, or Lethal Effect Chance, is added.
When Critical DMG occurs, Lethal effect is activated at a certain chance, providing the Critical DMG to be increased by 10%

Luck Craft consumes [Stone of the Goddess of Luck] and Jewel of Blessing, and can be done for 1 time per equipment.