[Guild Contents] Material Storage

Donate to Material Storage and obtain various Guild Construction Materials!

Material Storage content opens after reaching Master Lv. 100 and can be access through [Guild] > [Building] > [Material Storage].
* Material Storage content will be available to servers are opened more than 100 days and reached Current World Lv. 180.

After reaching Guild Lobby Level 8, Material Storage can be built using Guild Funds.

There are 2 types of donations in Material Storage, Garnet Donation and Diamond Donation.
You can donate to Material Storage consuming both types of goods and by donating, you can acquire Guild Construction Materials and Spirituality level-up items.

Construction Materials you obtain via donation depend on the level of Guild Shop.
The greater the level difference, the more Construction Materials you can gain.

Also, there are Weekly Donation limits on the available Material Storage donation and each Weekly Donation limits of Garnet and Diamond Donation is different.
The Weekly Donation limit resets every Monday.