[Relic] Soul

Experience the power of an exclusive skill by equipping a Soul on a Relic!

Relic Soul can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Relic] > [Soul].

Each Relic has a total of 3 slots that can equip Prudence/Fortitude/Sapience type Souls.
You can obtain a Soul option by equipping a Soul that fits in each slot.

Relic Souls are divided into Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary/Transcendent.

# Soul Promotion

Relic Souls can be promoted to a higher rating by using a Soul of the same of lower rating and the same type as a material, when the promotion success rate reaches 100%.

# Soul Eclipse 

Exclusive Skill options of Relic Souls are divided into Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary/Transcendent/Transcendent(Eclipse).
When all 3 equipped Souls achieve a certain rating, all exclusive Soul Skill options are activated.
: Ex) When Unique Prudence/Unique Fortitude/Epic Sapience Soul is equipped, the exclusive Soul Skill options for Magic and Epic Rating Souls are activated.

Additionally, when all 3 equipped Souls achieve Transcendent (Eclipse) rating, the Relic's powerful exclusive skill is activated.

Relic Souls can be eclipsed by using Tainted Dark Souls, and when Relic Souls are eclipsed, 
default Soul options are greatly increased and additional options can be obtained.

However, in case of eclipse, the Relic Soul becomes bound, and it is impossible to cancel or replace the Relic Soul in the slot.

# Soul Training

Soul training can be performed for each Relic by using Soul Training Gemstones, 
and powerful training options can be obtained through Soul Training.

Also, the higher the training level, the more the option will increase.