[Wings] Wings - Wing Soul Infusion

Infuse Breath of Phoenix into your Wing Soul! The magnificent Soul Infusion option will follow you!

Wing Soul Upgrade content can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Warrior's Aegis] > [Wings] > [Wing Soul Infusion].
Wing Soul Infusion content opens after reaching Master Lv. 350.

All tiers and grades of Wing Soul can infuse Wing Soul and each Tier of Wing Soul can be infused up to 10 Star Rating.
[Breath of Phoenix] item is required for Wing Soul Infusion as a material.

If you reach a certain Wing Soul Infusion Star Rating, the magnificent Eternity options will be activated.

The success rate is existed for Soul Infusing and the success rate is differed from each Star Rating.
Also, if you fail Wing Soul Infusion the Star Rating will fall.
However, Wing Soul Infusion Star Rating will not go down if current Star Rating is reached 4 or 8 Stars.

If you use [Soul Amulet] item for infusing Wing Soul, it will prevent Star Rating to fall even when Wing Soul Infusion is failed.
Breath of Phoenix and Soul Amulet can be obtained through Daily Packages.