[Wings] Wings - Wing Awakening

Awaken the Wing and get outstanding Awakening options as well as Awakening Property Skills!

Wing Awakening opens after reaching Master Lv. 350.
Wing Awakening content can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Warrior's Aegis] > [Wings] > [Wing Awakening].

All tiers and grades of Wing can be awakened and the Wing.
Awakening Wings grants you outstanding Awakening options and activates Awakening Property skill.

Phoenix's Soul is required for Wing Soul Infusion as a material, and the material's grade is differed from each tier of Awakening Wing.
Wing Awakening Property skill is specialized in PVP battle, and Wing Awakening Property skill is varies from each Wing tier.

When you awaken the Wing at the beginning, you need to choose one of the character classes you want to make a resistance.
Then, the Awakening Property skill will be changed to the class you chosen.


After choosing the Class for property skill, you can change the Class to another one via [Reset] button.

When you tap [Reset] button, [Select Match] pop-up window will appear.
There, you can change the class you have chosen for both Amplifying and Awakening Property skills per each Wing tier.

If you want to change the Class one by one, drag the Class button to the slot you want.
In addition, if you want to change the Class all at once, drag the Class button to the empty slot at the very left of the Class buttons.