[Fae] Fae Participations

Fae Participation option can viewed in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Mythical Beast] > [Fae] > [Participate].

Fae Participation is categorized into Main Participate Fae and Sub Participate Fae, and the first Participate Slot is activated when unlocking Faes.

There are 4 main slots and 8 sub slots, and you can engage the activated Fae in battle.
*Only 1 Fae of the same Rating and Name can be participated.

Fae Options and powerful Property Skills are activated when Fae Participations.

Property Skills owned by Faes are activated depending on their participated Main/Sub Slot.
* Sub Participate Fae Property Skills can be acquired starting from Intermediate Faes.

Type Option Masters can activate powerful options depending on the Star Rating of the Participated Main Faes for each type at 1/3/5/7/10/13/16/20 Stars.
Ex) Can activate 1 Star, 3 Star, 5 Star Water Type options with the total Water Type Fae Rating being a 5 Star Rating, with 1 3 Star Fae and 1 2 Star Fae deployed in the Main Slot.

Main/Sub Slots can be unlocked by using Fae Contracts.
The Fae Contract can be obtained through the Dia Shop and World BOSS.

Soul Barriers applied during PK can be acquired when Fae Participations.
However, Soul Barriers are not activated if there are no Faes participated as Mains.

The Soul Barrier of the type of the Fae with the highest Star Rating out of the Faes participated as Mains is activated.
Ex) Activates Water Type Soul Barrier if a 5 Star Water Type Fae and a 1 Star Fire Type Fae is participated in the Main Slot.

Soul Barrier values recover slowly in combat, and quickly when not in combat, and are marked as round orbs above the Character in Areas where Combat can occur.
When switching to Faes of another Type during Combat, Soul Barriers of the new Type will be applied after Combat ends.