[Bracelets] Starlight Wish

Starlight Wishes can be done after Equipping a Bracelet,
and can be viewed in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Wings] > [Bracelets] > [Starlight Wish].

Wishes can be made by using Starlight Wish Stones as Materials, and Wishes will grant EXP, which Increases Wish Levels.

Starlight Wish Stones can be Used to Acquire Luck Rate, and they may also randomly grant 2 Times or 10 Times the Wish EXP.

Full Luck Rate will guarantee 10 Times Wish EXP, and Luck Rate will be Reset after Acquiring 10 Times Wish EXP.

Wishes can be made by using Starlight Benediction Stones as Materials, and will always grant 1 Wish Level.

Starlight Wish Stones and Starlight Benediction Stones can be acquired through Land of Demon, Icaria, Garnet Shop and Diamond Shop.

Reaching certain Wish Levels will grant Starlight Marking Points, and these Points can be used to Activate Starlight Markings.