[Bracelets] Bracelet Upgrades

Bracelet Upgrades can be viewed in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Wings] > [Bracelets] > [Bracelet Upgrades].

Upgrading Bracelets will grant Default Options and special Eternity Options.

EXP Accumulated by Crafting Bracelets using Bracelet Crystals, and the Bracelet’s Level will Increase when Accumulating a certain amount of EXP.
Bracelet Crystals can be Acquired through World BOSS, Ancient Battlefield BOSS, andLand of Demons.

Bracelets can be Promoted when reaching certain Levels, and can only be Upgraded after being Promoted.

Promotions can be done by using Bracelet Promotion Crystals, and Bracelet Promotion Crystals can be acquired through Ancient Battlefield BOSS.