[Combine] Master Equipment

Combine Godly Equipment and Master Equipment for the Master Combination option!

Master equipment content is unlocked upon reaching Master Lv.1 or higher.
Master Equipment Combination can be done on Tier 4 equipment and God-level Archangel equipment with 2E or higher.

You can use [Master Equipment] of the same tier and type as materials

to proceed with Master Equipment combination from the [Craft]> [Combination]> [Master Equipment] menu.

Master Equipment can be obtained by defeating Master Lv.20 or higher World BOSS, Ancient Battlefield BOSS,

and Solo BOSS or from Land of Demons.

In addition, Master Godly Equipment that has been successfully combined can be deactivated. 

When you proceed with [Deactivate], the Godly Equipment used for combination remains equipped

and the Master Equipment is sent to inventory.

※ When the Master Godly Equipment is deactivated,

    the material equipment used to increase the combination success rate will not be recovered.
※ When the Master Godly Equipment is deactivated, it returns to its previous state before combination.