[Chrysos] Chrysos World Server

A new world created transcending time and space,

the mysterious [Chrysos World Server] is a place where you can meet warriors of other servers.

The Chrysos World Server is matched with other servers, and servers that are matched change once every month.

The Chrysos World Server opens upon reaching Lv.180,

and you can access it through [World Server] > [World Server Event]> [Move Now].

[Bone Scorpion] Elite monsters appear randomly in the Chrysos World Server map.
In addition, BOSS monsters appear on the Chrysos World Server Map every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 05:00

of the next day, and when BOSS and Elite Monsters are defeated, you can obtain various rare items such as Wing and

Pet combination materials.  

In addition, every time you defeat a monster, your [Fury Gauge] will increase,

and when you reach the daily maximum, you cannot kill anymore monsters.

※ Chrysos World Server will be available from the 21st day since the opening of the server.
※ When entering the Chrysos World Server map,

    your battle mode will automatically change to [Forced] mode and cannot be changed to another mode.
※ Fury Gauge is reset at 05:00 every day.