Castle Siege Play Video Upload Event


Hello, Warriors!

Has your guild ever won Castle Siege? 
If so, share the joy of victory with us and take a chance of winning event rewards!! 

[Castle Siege Play Video Upload Event]

- Event Period:
May 21, 2021 (Fri) - May 30, 2021 (Sun)

- Event Details:
1. (With any device) Film the Castle Siege play video.
2. Upload the video on personal social media using following hashtags: #MUArchangel #CastleSiege #Guild
3. Fill out the following information accurately.

- Country:

- Server name:

- Character name:

- Guild name:

- Guild master character name:

- Uploaded video URL (or post link):

4. Double check if any of required information (#2, #3) is missing. (To be included in the winner selection pool)

5. Submit an inquiry through our customer center. (Customer Center > [Castle Siege Event] category)

- Event Rewards:

1 Item Coupon

1 Title

- Number of Winners:   
7 Guilds among all servers (40 Item Coupons awarded per guild)

- Winner Announcement:
1. After the event period is over, 7 winning guilds will be randomly selected on June 7, 2021.
2. Winner announcement will be posted through further event notice.
3. Event rewards will be sent to the Guild Master of the winning guild via [Mail] > [Message].

* All event rewards are bound.
* This event can only be participated once per guild.
* Anyone in Guild, including Guild Master, can participate (but reward is given to Guild Master only).
* Participants may use any of social media platform (Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Twitch, etc.)
* Please note that some information needs to be collected when submitting an event inquiry.
* (Important) To participate in the event, exact information must be submitted in the CS inquiry. 
* (Important) To participate in the event, exact hashtags must be tagged when uploading a video. 
* (Tip) The more elaborate posts are, the higher the chance of winning.
* Event details are subject to change. When changes are made, we will notify you through notice.
* In case game account is restricted for violating our policy before receiving the event rewards, such rewards may be

withdrawn even after being selected as a winner. 

We will continuously strive towards providing better gaming environment.

Thank you.