Weekly Package Event! Only available for 24 hours!


Hello, Warriors!

This week at MU Archangel, [Weekly Package] is now available! 
These packages are provided with exceptional price and are only available for 24 hours!
For further information please check the details below.

[Weekly Package Event! Only available for 24 hours!]

- Event Period 
  May 29th (Sat) 05:00 – May 30th 04:59 (GMT+7)

- Event Details
  During the event, special package is on sale for exceptional price.

- How to claim rewards
1. Tap [Compass] >[ Limited-Time Benefits] icon on the right.
2. Choose the weekly package that you want to buy and proceed purchase.
3. After the purchase, weekly package is directly sent to inventory. If there is not enough space in the inventory, the rewards are automatically sent by mail.

- Weekly Package Rewards

* Please be noted that Contribution Point Holy Water (Expiring) can only be used within 24 hours after the purchase. Once expired, it cannot be used. 
* Additional 400 Contribution Points are earned after the use of Contribution Point Holy Water (Expiring), and it is not included in Daily Max. Contribution Points.
* Rune content open to characters that are at least Lv. 230 and completed tier 2 class change.
* Those who completed tier 2 class change will get Rune accordance with Class Line when you use [Rune Legendary Shard Reward Box].
* Those who did not complete tier 1 class change need to choose Rune between 2 Class Lines when you use [Rune Legendary Shard Reward Box].

※ Precautions
1. This event is opened from the 8th day of Server Opening.
2. This event is opened after reaching Lv.100.
3. All the weekly packages can be purchased only once per character. 
4. This event is opened for 24 hours, from May 29th (Sat) 05:00 – May 30th (Sun) 04:59 (GMT+7).
5. After the event period, weekly package cannot be purchased.
6. For the unused item due to expiration, it cannot be recovered nor provided.
7. Please take caution on choosing the right Rune for character’s class line when you use [une Legendary Shard Reward Box]. After choosing Rune, it is irreversible.
8. Event details and rewards are subject to change, and it will be informed through notice.
9. If duplicate charges are happened, the additional payment will be delivered as Diamonds.
Please note that we cannot refund those Diamonds in the case above.

Thank you