[1st] MU Archangel June 11th (Fri) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the first MU Archangel update that took place on June 11th (Fri).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

※ The details of the update will be applied upon reconnection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel June 11th (Fri) Update Note ■

# 1. Chrysos World Server
- Meet Warriors of other servers in the newly expanded Chrysos!
- Chrysos Main Server is changed to the Chrysos World Server.
- Chrysos World Server can be entered when the following conditions are met.
: Chrysos Main Server unlock conditions - Server open day 8, World Level 180 or higher, character level 180 or higher
: Chrysos World Server unlock conditions - Server Open day 21, World Level 180 or higher, character level 180 or higher
- Chrysos World Server is open every day from 11:00 to 05:00 the next day (GMT+7).
- You can meet Warriors of other servers on the Chrysos World Server, and you can gather Blue Orbs and Blue Crowns in the same way as in the Chrysos Main Server.
- Bone Scorpions are located throughout the map of the Chrysos World, and various rewards can be acquired by defeating Bone Scorpions.
- In addition, BOSS monsters appear on the Chrysos World Server every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 05:00 the next day.
- By defeating BOSS monsters, you can acquire a variety of rare items such as rare mounts, materials for combining wings, and materials for pets.
- Whenever you kill a monster, your fury gauge accumulates, and when the fury gauge reaches 100, you cannot kill any more monsters.
- The fury gauge is reset every day at 05:00 (GMT+7).
- The server targets matched on the Chrysos World Server are changed once a month.

# 2. Kundun’s Seal
- Challenge the Secret Dungeon only Warriors with mighty powers can challenge!
- When a character reaches level 400 for the first time on each server, the Secret Dungeon opens at 05:00 the next day (GMT+7).
- The Secret Dungeon stays open for 5 days.
- Secret Dungeons are divided into two dungeons, Silver and Gold, and the dungeons that can be entered differ depending on character level.
: Silver Dungeon: Character Level 240 to Level 399
: Gold Dungeon: Character Level 400
- You can enter the Secret Dungeon once a day, and the number of dungeon attempts is reset every day at 05:00 (GMT+7).
- You cannot level up past level 400 while the Secret Dungeon is activated.
- If you join a guild, you can acquire additional EXP in the Secret Dungeon.
- You can get EXP bonuses the next day according to the number of times your guild members enter the Secret Dungeon on that day.
- In the Secret Dungeon, you can acquire material items required for Potentializing.
- You can acquire rewards from the Kundun's Seal screen after the Kundun's Seal content ends.
  The rewards that can be acquired and their pertaining conditions are as follows.
: First Character to Activate Kundun's Seal - Hero Reward
: Characters who Reached Level 400 - Gold Reward
: Characters from over Level 240 to under 400 - Silver Reward

※ We will inform you of the next Kundun's Seal opening schedule through a separate notice.
※ After reaching level 400, while Kundun's Seal is activated, you can accumulate EXP only up to 200%, and additional EXP cannot be acquired.

# 3. Potential System
- Awaken the Potential options of your equipment to make your character stronger!
- Potential options can be added to your equipment using Potential Stones acquired from Kundun's Seal.
- Potentializing can be carried out on tier 3 God's equipment or higher.
- You can access [Potentialize] content by tapping the [Potential Stone]> [Use] button.
- You can increase the probability of Potentializing success by using equipment of the same class.
- You can randomly add up to 4 Potential options for each tier 3 equipment.
- When all 4 options are added, the Legendary option is activated.

# 4. Prayer
- Enhance your character's options by converting EXP!
- Prayer unlocks upon reaching the 4th class change.
- Prayer content is available in the upper left corner [Character Portrait]> [Prayer].
- Prayer is divided into 3 types: Intermediate Prayer, Advanced Prayer, and Perfect Prayer.
: Intermediate Prayer - Converts 20% EXP to 30% Prayer Progress
: Advanced Prayer - Converts 20% EXP to 60% Prayer Progress
: Perfect Prayer - Converts 20% EXP to 90% Prayer Progress
- Options are acquired when the level of Prayer rises, and additional options will be activated when the level of Prayer reaches a certain level.

# 5. Property
- The 4th and 5th common, defense, and attack properties are added for each class

# 6. Max Level Expansion
- The max level in MU Archangel has been expanded from 400 to 500.
- At level 401, you become Master Level 1, and the max level extended by this update is master level 100.

# 7. Addition of the 4th Class Change
- The 4th class change has been added.
- The 4th class names for each class are High Elf I, Royal Knight I, and War Mage I.

# 8. Addition of New BOSS Monsters
- World BOSS, Solo BOSS, and Ancient Battlefield BOSS monsters are added in respect to the expansion of the Max. level.
: World BOSS - Dark Serupan, Condra, Narchondra
: Solo BOSS - Dark Serupan, Condra, Narchondra
: Ancient Battlefield BOSS - Ancient Ice Giant, Ancient Iron Knight, Ancient Gnolls of Deadly Poison, Ancient Kravta, Ancient Nightmare King, Ancient Maya's Right Hand

Thank you.