▶ Third Update Preview of MU Archangel


Hello, Warriors!

The third update is coming soon with full of various contents!
We are announcing the update news in advance so that Warriors can check the contents to be updated beforehand.
Please check below for details.

* When update is ongoing, the entire server will be inspected. Maintenance schedule will be announced via further notice.
* Detailed information about the update content will be provided through 'Update Patch Notice' on the day of the update.
* The update schedule and contents are subject to change. We will notify through additional notice if changes are made.


■ Third Update Preview of MU Archangel ■

1. Barrier System
- Barrier content open to character that are at least Master Lv.50 and complete [Mysterious Barrier] Quest.
- Barrier content is applied during PvP battle. It is activated in the combat zone when the gauge is not 0 and can be seen as a yellow bar above the character. 
- Barrier gauge heals slowly when the character is in combat state and the gauge heals fast when the character is not in the combat state. 
- The higher the Barrier destruction value, the easier you can destroy the protection of other character. 

2. Wing 
- The 4th Wing is added for each class. 

3. Guild Shop 
- The highest guild shop level has been expanded to 8. 
- 6th and 7th Flags are be added.

4. Property
- The 8th common, defense, and attack properties are added for each class.

5. Max Level Expansion
- The highest character level has been expanded from 600 to 800.

6. Spirituality & Sacrament
- Life Steal Sacrament tier has been expanded to tier 500.
- Skill Tier of the Spirituality and Life Steal Sacrament has been expanded to 50. 

7. Kundun’s Seal
- 600 and 700 Level Kundun's Seal Dungeon has been added.

Thank you