[3rd] MU Archangel August 31st (Tues) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 3rd MU Archangel update that took place on August 31st (Tue).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon reconnection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel August 31st (Tue) 3rd Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]
# 1. Barrier
- Meet Barrier content that will make you even stronger!
- Barrier content is opened upon completion of the [Mysterious Barrier] quest after reaching Master Lv. 50.
- Barrier content is applied during PK battles with other characters.
- You can use Barrier through [Spirituality]> [Barrier] menu.
- When Barrier content is unlocked, Barrier Value and Barrier Destruction Threshold options are activated.
- Barrier is applied only when a Barrier Value exists.
- The Barrier Value is displayed in the form of a yellow bar above the character's head in areas where combat is possible.
- Barrier Value and Barrier Destruction Threshold increase as the character level and Barrier rating increase.
- Barrier Value recovers slowly in combat, and quickly out of combat.
- The higher the Barrier Destruction Threshold, the easier it is to destroy the Barriers of other characters.
- The growth rate of the Barrier option is not an option value applied to the character, but represents the growth rate of the Barrier.
- The Barrier Star Rating can be upgraded by using items as materials.
- When the Barrier Star Rating has been upgraded to the max, you can use items as materials to proceed with Barrier Breakthrough.
- When the Barrier goes through Barrier Breakthrough, the Barrier's grade increases.
- When the Barrier content unlocks, the Barrier skill becomes activated.
- The Barrier skill level increases according to the increase of Barrier level rises.
- When the Barrier skill level increases, the value of Barrier skill effect increases.
- A new skill effect is added every time a certain level of Barrier skill is reached.
- SSS is the maximum level of the Barrier.
- Barrier Forge is unlocked when the Star Rating is upgraded to the max after Barrier level SSS is reached.
- The level of Barrier Forge can be increased with Barrier Star Rating upgrade items and Barrier Breakthrough items.
- Every time a certain level of Barrier Forge is reached, you can acquire a new Barrier Forge skill.
- You can acquire Barrier Star Rating upgrade materials from floors 18 or higher of the Blood Castle.
- Barrier breakthrough materials can be acquired from World BOSS, Solo BOSS, and Ancient Battlefield BOSS of Master Le. 100 or higher.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]
# 1. Kundun’s Seal
- The Level 600 Kundun's Seal Dungeon has been added.
- When a character reaches level 600 for the first time on each server, the Secret Dungeon opens at 05:00 the next day (GMT+7).
- The Kundun's Seal stays open for 5 days.
- Secret Dungeons are divided into two dungeons, Silver and Gold, and the dungeons that can be entered differ depending on character level.
: Silver Dungeon: Character Level 450 to Level 599
: Gold Dungeon: Character Level 600
- You can enter the Secret Dungeon once a day, and the number of dungeon attempts is reset every day at 05:00 (GMT+7).
- You cannot level up past level 600 while the Kundun's Seal is activated.
- If you join a guild, you can acquire additional EXP in the Secret Dungeon.
- You can get EXP bonuses the next day according to the number of times your guild members enter the Secret Dungeon on that day.
- In the Secret Dungeon, you can acquire material items required for Potentializing.
- You can acquire rewards from the Kundun's Seal screen after the Kundun's Seal content ends.
  The rewards that can be acquired and their pertaining conditions are as follows.
: First Character to Activate Kundun's Seal - Hero Reward
: Characters who Reached Level 600 - Gold Reward
: Characters from over Level 450 to under 600 - Silver Reward
* After reaching level 600, while Kundun's Seal is open, you can accumulate EXP only up to 200%, and additional EXP cannot be acquired.

# 2. Addition of New Combination Items
- New items that can be combined have been added.
- Item Tab: Intermediate Barrier Spirit, Advanced Barrier Spirit
- Wing Tab: Tier 4 wings that can be equipped on the 5th equipment tab

# 3. VIP Level Expansion
- The max VIP level in MU Archangel has been expanded from 12 to 15.

# 4. Max Level Expansion
- The max level in MU Archangel has been expanded from 600 to 700.

# 5. Property
The 8th common, defense, and attack properties are added for each class.

# 6. Addition of the 6th Class Change
- The 6th class change has been added.
- The Class names for each class are as follows.
: 6th Class Change - High Elf III, Royal Knight III, War Mage III

# 7. Addition of New BOSS Monsters
- World BOSS, Solo BOSS, and Ancient Battlefield BOSS monsters are added in respect to the expansion of the Max. level.
: World BOSS - Slaughterer, Slaughterer King, Hell Kaiser, Dark Hell Kaiser, Mulciber
: Solo BOSS - Slaughterer, Slaughterer King, Hell Kaiser, Dark Hell Kaiser, Mulciber
: Ancient Battlefield BOSS - Ancient Killer Bee, Ancient Awakened Killer Bee, Ancient Stone Beast, Ancient Stony King, Ancient Slaughterer, Ancient Hell Kaiser

# 8. Option Upgrade Level Expansion
- The option upgrade level has been expanded from 30 to 50.
- According to the option upgrade level expansion, the option master is also expanded to Lv. 50.

[Improvements and Corrections of System]
- We have corrected some misspelling in the English version.
- We have fixed the matter where the 'Crushing Blow' buff was exposed as 'Beast Strike' in some items in the English version.
- We have fixed the matter where the 'Deadly Hit' option was exposed as 'Crushing Blow' in some items in the English version.
- Some Property and Guild descriptions have been modified to make it easier to understand in the English version.
- We have fixed a matter that 'Loren Festival' event was being exposed as 'Road of MU' in the Thai version.

Thank you.