Make a Wish Facebook Event (September 29th – October 3rd (22:59, GMT+7))


Hello, Warriors!

All of us are dreaming of achieving or obtaining something in MU Archangel.
Some warriors dream of obtaining the Flame of Condor, some – wish to become a number 1 warrior on the server. And what is your wish?

Share it with us and win the rewards!

* This event is open from September 28th - October 3rd 22:59 (GMT+7) regardless of the notice registered time.

[Make a Wish Facebook Event]

- Event period:
  September 29th – October 3rd (22:59, GMT+7)
  September 29th – October 3rd (23:59, GMT+8)

- How to participate:
  1. Tell us your wish in MU Archangel
  2. Do not forget to write you character name and server name to be eligible for the prizes!
  ☞ MU Archangel SEA official Facebook [Click] 
  3. We will randomly choose 50 Warriors to receive reward!
  * You will not be able to receive a reward if you do not write the server and character name 

- Event rewards
 1 Item Coupon: Attack Stone (Intermediate) x 3, Life Stone (Intermediate) x 3, Defense Stone (Intermediate) x 3

- Winners:
  50 randomly chosen Warriors 

- Event winners:
  Winner announcement will be posted on October 6th, 2021 through a separate event notice.

* If your account is restricted for violating our policy before you receive the event rewards, you may be disqualified as a winner and have any rewards withdrawn even after being selected as a winner.
* Event details may be subject to change. When changes are made, we will notify you through notice.

Thank you