Pandora's Box Event! October 13th (Wed) 00:00 ~ 23:59 (GMT+7)


Hello, Warriors!

Mysterious Pandora's Box is arrived at the MU continent!

Choose the rewards you want to obtain and fill out Pandora's Box with them!
Then, unlock the slots using Pandora's Key!

Please check the detailed information below and participate in the event!

* This event is open from October 13th (Wed) 00:00 ~ 23:59 (GMT+7) regardless of the notice registered time.

[Unlock Pandora Boxes and obtain tremendous rewards! Pandora's Box Event]

- Event period:
  October 13th (Wed) 00:00 ~ 23:59 in 2021 (GMT+7)
  October 13th (Wed) 01:00 ~ October 14th 00:59 in 2021 (GMT+8)

- Event Description
  1. During the event period, fill out Pandora's Box with the rewards from various levels you want to obtain.
  Please purchase 'Zen Pouch' using 240 Diamonds and you will collect 'Pandora's Key' as well.
  Unlock the slot using Pandora's Key and you can obtain not only the rewards you chose and also the other various rewards randomly.
  2. The Pandora Box event Rewards are changed by World Level of each server.

- How to participate the event and claim rewards:
  1. Tap [Compass] > [Pandora's Box] icon on the left of main screen.
  2. Please select 9 rewards from various levels and tab [Confirm] button.
  3. Purchase 'Zen Pouch' using 240 Diamonds and you will collect [Pandora's Key] as well.
     Then, unlock the slot using Pandora's Key.
  4. You can obtain not only the rewards you've selected from S~C level and also the other rewards from the other level randomly when you unlock the slot.

  * You cannot change the rewards you chose by levels after tapping the [Confirm] button.
  * You can choose total 9 rewards from S to C levels and the number of rewards available to choose for each level is different.
  * If you unlock all 16 Pandora's Box slots, you will collect the rewards you selected and the other level rewards as well.
  * All the rewards collected from the Pandora's Box is directly sent to inventory. If there is not enough space in the inventory, the rewards are automatically sent by mail.
    Please take caution on collecting mails due to Mailbox can keep maximum 100 mails.

- Pandora's Box Event Rewards and the number of choices available for each level:

  * Only one costumes will be given in accordance with Class.
  * From [Removing Stone Choice Package], you can choose either Life Seal-Removing Stone or Soul-Removing Stone.
  * Sacrament content open to characters that are at least Lv. 250.
  * Cast Iron content open to characters that are at least Lv. 250.
  * Costume content open to characters that are at least Lv. 80.

- The Additional Rewards of Pandora's Box event:

* Precautions
1. This event can be participated only once within event period.
2. This event is applied to server which is opened more than 8 days.
3. This event is opened after reaching Lv.100.
4. The event Period lasted for October 13th 00:00 ~ 23:59 in 2021. (GMT+7)
5. Used diamonds in the event are irreversible.
6. The event period, conditions and rewards are subject to change. If there are changes, we will post details through notice.
7. Please note that the Pandora's Box Rewards can be acquired at a random rate.

Thank you.