[4th] MU Archangel October 14th (Thurs) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 4th MU Archangel update that took place on October 14th (Thurs).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon reconnection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel October 14th (Thurs) 4th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]
# 1. Chrysos Arena
- Chrysos Arena contents will be unlocked upon reaching Master Level 20.
- New seasons begin on the first Tuesday of every month after the opening of the Chrysos World Server.
- Chrysos Arena opens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11:00 to 05:00 the following day.
- The Chrysos Arena is divided into Regular Arena and Final Arena.

1-1. Regular Arena
- Survive spectacular action and fierce duels in the arena to become the winner!
- You can enter the Regular Arena for free 6 times a day, and the number of free attempts are reset at 05:00 every day.
- You can purchase additional tickets to the Regular Arena using diamonds.
- The Regular Arena runs from the first Tuesday of the month to the last Tuesday of the month.
- You can enter the Regular Arena from the [World Server]> [World Server Event]> [Regular Arena] menu.
- If you touch the [Quick Match] button in the Regular Arena, you are matched with an opponent for a 1:1 showdown.
- The Regular Arena runs on a 2-wins out of 3-game system, and each round lasts for 60 seconds.
  You can win by defeating the opponent's character within the time limit.
- If neither chracters are defeated within the time limit, the character with more HP wins, and if the amount of remaining HP is the same, the character with the higher arena ranking wins.
- You acquire Battle Coins and Battle Points by both winning or losing battles, and the winning character acquires more rewards.
- When the battle points reach a certain amount, the arena tier increases.
- You can check your battle history in the [Record] menu in the Regular Arena, and you can watch videos again through replays.
In addition, replay videos are preserved for up to one week, and up to 10 replay videos are saved.

* The first Regular Arena will open on October 14, 2021 (Thursday).

1-2. Final Arena
- Glory given only to 32 warriors. Become No. 1 in the Chrysos World Server Arena!
- The Final Arena schedule is set at 05:30 on the last Wednesday of every month.
- The Final Arena opens and is held at 21:00 on the last Thursday and Saturday of every month.
- The top 32 characters in the Regular Arena advance to the round of 32 in the Final Arena and can participate in the Season Ring Scramble.
- Participants must be connected to the game server at the time the Final Arena is in progress and enter the waiting room of the Final Arena.
- If you are not connected to the game server at the time the Final Arena is in progress, the opponent matched against your character automatically wins.
- The Final Arena runs on a 2-wins out of 3-game system, and each round lasts for 60 seconds.
  You must defeat the opponent's character within the time limit to win.
- If neither chracters are defeated within the time limit, the character with more HP wins, and if the amount of remaining HP is the same, the character with the higher arena ranking wins.
- You can predict the character likely to win before the match time of the Final Arena, and if the prediction succeeds, one of the many prediction success rewards is randomly obtained.
- Prediction success rewards can be collected from the Prediction Menu in the Final Arena.
Rewards not collected will be sent by mail.

1-3. Arena Rewards
- Arena rewards are divided into Final Rewards, Server Rewards, Tier Rewards, and Match Rewards.
- Final rewards are awarded to 32 warriors who participated in the Final Arena when the Chrysos Arena season ends.
- Final rewards are awarded differently according to Final Arena rank, and the champion who ranks first receives the most powerful constellation ring.
- Only warriors ranked 1st to 3rd place in the Final Arena can receive Server Rewards, and the servers of the warriors ranked 1st to 3rd place in the Final Arena receive EXP bonus buffs.
- When receiving multiple EXP bonus buff rewards from one server, only the highest ranking buff applies.
- Warriors ranked 1st to 3rd in the Final Arena and the guild members of the guild to which they belong receive an additional EXP bonus buff.
- Tier Rewards are awarded according to the tier achieved during the corresponding Chrysos Arena season, and rewards include rings and battle coins for the pertaining Chrysos Arena season.
- Match rewards are rewarded according to the number of matches accumulated within the corresponding Chrysos Arena season.

1-4. Battle Shop
- You can purchase various items in the Battle Shop by using Battle Coins acquired through the Arena.
- You can purchase barrier breakthrough materials, season ring promotion tickets, and mounts at the Battle Shop.

1-5. Chrysos Arena Season Ring
- At Chrysos Arena, you can acquire constellation rings for each season.
- Rings acquired in Chrysos Arena can be activated, leveled up, and go through breakthorugh at the [Mystery]> [Constellation] menu.
- By activating constellation rings, you can acquire property skills and options, increase the level of rings, and promote them as well.
- Constellation rings can be leveled up using a corresponding constellation level-up scroll or Starlight Level-up Scroll item.
- Constellation rings can go through breakthrough by using a corresponding constellation marking and gem of creation.
Once gone through breakthrough, property skills and passive skills become strengthened, and the rings acquire a nicer appearance.

# 2. Crusade Equipment
- Meet Crusade Skills and set options through the new Crusade Equipment!
- Crusade equipment will be unlocked after reaching Master Lv. 100, 5th Class Change.

2-1. Crafting Crusade Equipment
- Crusade equipment can be crafted using material items such as Crusade Shard, Gem of Creation, and Jewel of Chaos from the [Craft] menu at the bottom right corner.
- In the Crusade Crafting menu, you can craft Crusade Helmet, Crusade Armor, Crusade Gloves, Crusade Pants, and Crusade Boots.
- Crusade equipment can be crafted as many times as desired for each part (Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots)

2-2. Crusade Equipment Set
- Crusade Equipment set can be activated from the Compass button at the bottom right corner > [Crusade] menu.
- There are a total of 7 Crusade equipment parts, and powerful set options as well as Crusade skills can be activated according to the number of Crusade equipment activated.
- Crusade weapons and secondary weapons can be activated with 5th Blessing Archangel Weapons and Blessing Archangel Secondary Weapons.
- Crusade weapons and secondary weapons can be upgraded using the next order of Blessing Archangel Weapons and secondary weapons as materials when the promotion conditions are satisfied after activation.
- Crusade helmets/gloves/armor/pants/boots can be upgraded by using Crusade equipment of the same part as materials if promotion conditions are satisfied.
- When Crusade equipment are promoted, their tier increases, and additional sacred and basic options are acquired.

# 3. World Shop
- Acquire various items through the Wolrd Shop!
- You can participate in the World Shop through the [Auction] > [World Shop] menu after reaching Master Lv. 20 (Level high enough to enter the Chrysos Arena).
- During Chrysos Regular Arena period of each season, the auction starts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 21:00 and lasts for 30 minutes.
- If you complete 6 matches at the Chrysos Arena on the same day, you will be eligible to bid for auction items and receive auction dividends.
- You can set the bid at a constant price by clicking the [+] or [-] button of the desired item, or you can manually enter a price to participate in the bid.
- You can check the status of your bid in [Auction] > [World Shop] > [Bid].
- Warriors of other servers who are eligible to bid for auction items are also a part of the Auction through the Chrysos World server.
- After bidding is over, the character who bid the highest amount succeeds in the purchase of the item, and the item that has been purchased is sent to the mailbox.
- If you fail to purchase an item because another warrior's bid was higher than yours, the Garnets used for bidding are returned immediately.
- When the World Shop ends, the Garnets from of the successful auction products are distributed equally to characters who have completed the Chrysos Arena 6 or more times.
- Auction dividends can be received by clicking the Get Dividend button in  [World Shop] > [Dividend]. Auction dividends not received will be sent to your mail the following day.
- You can check your bidding number in the lower right corner of the World Shop.
* Items purchased at the World Shop are changed to the non-tradable status and cannot be resold.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]
# 1. Kundun’s Seal
- The Level 700 Kundun's Seal Dungeon has been added.
- When a character reaches level 700 for the first time on each server, the Secret Dungeon opens at 05:00 the next day (GMT+7).
- The Kundun's Seal stays open for 5 days.
- Secret Dungeons are divided into two dungeons, Silver and Gold, and the dungeons that can be entered differ depending on character level.
: Silver Dungeon: Character Level 550 to Level 699
: Gold Dungeon: Character Level 700
- You can enter the Secret Dungeon once a day, and the number of dungeon attempts is reset every day at 05:00 (GMT+7).
- You cannot level up past level 700 while the Kundun's Seal is activated.
- If you join a guild, you can acquire additional EXP in the Secret Dungeon.
- You can get EXP bonuses the next day according to the number of times your guild members enter the Secret Dungeon on that day.
- In the Secret Dungeon, you can acquire material items required for Potentializing.
- You can acquire rewards from the Kundun's Seal screen after the Kundun's Seal content ends.
  The rewards that can be acquired and their pertaining conditions are as follows.
: First Character to Activate Kundun's Seal - Hero Reward
: Characters who Reached Level 700 - Gold Reward
: Characters from over Level 550 to under 700 - Silver Reward
* After reaching level 700, while Kundun's Seal is open, you can accumulate EXP only up to 200%, and additional EXP cannot be acquired.

# 2. Addition of New Items in the Store
- Item Arena VIT Potion Box been added. This item can be purchased upon reaching Master Lv. 20 after the 4th class change.

# 3. Max Level Expansion
- The max level in MU Archangel has been expanded from 700 to 800.
- The expanded Max. level is Master Lv. 400.

# 4. Addition of the 7th Class Change
- The 7th class change has been added.
- The Class names for each class are as follows.
: 7th Class Change - Noble Mage I, Arch Night I, Noble Elf I

# 5. Addition of New BOSS Monsters
- World BOSS, Solo BOSS, and Ancient Battlefield BOSS monsters are added in respect to the expansion of the Max. level.
: World BOSS – Incendio, Magnus, Flamen
: Solo BOSS – Bakebir, Magnus, Nivas
: Ancient Battlefield BOSS - Ancient Killer Bee, Ancient Awakened Killer Bee, Ancient Stone Beast, Ancient Stony King, Ancient Slaughterer, Ancient Hell Kaiser

[Improvements and Corrections of System]
# 1. Improvements and Corrections of System
- Some Costume descriptions and description formats have been modified to make it easier to understand in the English version.
- Some Property descriptions have been modified to make it easier to understand in the English version.
- Some event descriptions have corrected some misspelling and been modified to make it easier to understand in the English version.
- We have fixed 'Free mode' system word that was exposed when you change your mode to PK mode to 'All mode'.

Thank you.