Detailed information on the selection of additional winners from the Halloween Facebook event


Hello, Warriors!

In relation to the previous Halloween Facebook event, we have acknowledged that some of the Warriors who qualify for the event winners have been omitted from the selection of the winners.
Therefore, we are currently investigating each inquiry and sending rewards sequentially.

☞ Halloween Facebook Event [Click]

If you consider yourself as the event winner who have been omitted, please contact us through the [Customer Support] in the game. We will send the event rewards after checking the details.

* Make sure to attach a video upload link / the screenshot of your comment on the Halloween event post that proves the fact that you participated in the event.

☞ How to send inquiries [Click]

We will investigate the cases based on the provided information in the inquiry and select additional winners to provide the event rewards accordingly. 

Also, the selection of additional winners will be processed only until the date indicated below. Please be sure to contact us through the [Customer Support] within the given time.

■ The deadline for receiving inquiries regarding the selection of the additional winners for the Halloween Facebook event and the distribution date of event reward ■

- November 18th, 2021 (Thur) 23:59 (GMT+7)
- November 19th, 2021 (Fri) 00:59 (GMT+8)

After the date mentioned above has been passed, additional winners will not be selected, and event rewards will not be awarded even if you have participated in the Halloween event normally.

* Please note that if inquiries are received after the given date above, no separate investigation will be conducted on the selection of additional winners, and event rewards will not be paid.

Thank you.