Information on measures to be taken in response to inappropriate behavior in the game


Hello, Warriors!

We have restricted the chat function and account when inappropriate behaviors (chat, etc.) in the game that violate the policy were detected.

Recently, we have noticed that many Warriors are suffering from some disrespectful players.

Therefore, to manage this problem and to create a healthy gaming culture, we plan to implement stronger policies such as permanent account restrictions or temporary chat restrictions on restrictions against those disrespectful players.

■ Restrictions on policy violations when using inappropriate behavior in the game ■

When an act that violates our policies such as abusive language and slander, chat window spam, commercial promotion, or attempted cash transaction is detected, the following sanction may be imposed:

- Chat restriction for 3 to 90 days / permanent chat restriction

- Account restriction for days / permanent account restriction.

* If our Game Master (GM) finds a player who violates the policy or uses inappropriate/abusive language, sanctions may be imposed according to the accumulative number of violations.
* If inappropriate behavior is detected, the above actions will be taken, and the restriction period and method may be changed depending on the case.

In addition, if a player uses inappropriate/abusive behavior in the game (including all behaviors indicated in the policy, such as profanity, selling Diamonds illegally, etc.), restrictions on the account or chat usage may apply.

We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide assistance to cancel the restrictions on the account and chat function for the reason above.

We will continue to strive for creating a better gaming environment for our Warriors.

Thank you.