[5th] MU Archangel December 16th (Thurs) Update Note (Added)


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 5th MU Archangel update that took place on December 16th (Thurs).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon reconnection after completely closing MU Archangel.
* We have confirmed that all Warriors can acquire an equipment with higher tier than your level and Class Change through some contents.
Please note that this is a normal content and the equipment with higher tier than your level can be used after you reach the tier of the equipment.

■ MU Archangel December 16th (Thurs) 5th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]

# 1. New Class ‘Dark Lord’
- Realizes justice with explosive damage, receiving the protection of the light and darkness of salvation. Meet the Dark Lord!
- It can be created when you have a level 300 or higher character on the server.
- ‘Advanced Dark Lord Class Switch Card’ and ‘Dark Lord Class Switch Card’ which you can switch your character to Dark Lord class can be found in the Diamond Shop.
- Advanced Dark Lord Class Switch Card’ can be purchased upon reaching level 150 and after the 1st class change.
- ‘Dark Lord Class Switch Card’ can be purchased after the 3rd class change when level 350 is reached.
- The number of purchases is limited in case of ‘Dark Lord Class Switch Card’, so please kindly make sure before making the purchase.
- The gender of the ‘Dark Lord’ is male.
- The ‘Dark Lord’ has 2 Class Line which are ‘Strength’ and ‘Energy’.
- The Energy Dark Lord has strong viability and reinforce his army with the buff containing a power of shining light.
- The Strength Dark Lord has the forces of darkness and high affinity with element that leads to an explosive attack.
- The Dark Lord defeat the enemies using the main weapon, Scepter, and the secondary weapon, Tome.

# 2. Mysterious Merchant
- Meet the Mysterious Merchant prepared mystic and various items for you!
- Mysterious Merchant contents will be unlocked upon reaching Master Level 100 and 5th Class Change.
- Mysterious Merchant is available in the left corner [Compass] > [Mysterious Merchant] or talking to Suspicious Merchant NPC located in the left to pub of Lorencia.
- You can obtain Garnets by selling your rare items and Garnets that can be earned are limited every week.
- The Garnets and Diamonds Shop on the Mysterious Shop are available every Wednesday 11:00 ~ 24:00 (game server time) and the products sold each Shop are differed according to your level.
- The number of purchases you can purchase through Mysterious Shop is limited. So, please check it before you purchase.
- If you unlock the Mysterious Merchant, you can purchase Legendary Merchant.
- When you purchase Legendary Merchant, you can activate the Gold Trade Benefit that you can sell your rare items to Legendary Merchant.
- Gold Trade Benefit is activated for 30 days and you can re-purchase it after the period is over.

# 3. Elemental Chaos
- Defeat the terrifying Elemental Chaos monsters to protect the peace of the MU continent!
- Elemental Chaos unlocks after reaching Master Lv. 150 and completing the 5th Class Change.
- Elemental Chaos content can be entered through [Daily]> [Dungeon]> [Elemental Chaos] at the top right corner of the screen.
- Elemental Chaos can be entered for free twice a day, and the number of free attempts is reset at 05:00 every day.
- You can purchase additional entrance tickets to Elemental Chaos using Diamonds.
- When you clear each stage with 3 stars, you can challenge the next stage, and you will acquire large amount of EXP and Elemental Core items that can be used for Elemental Upgrade.
- Elemental Chaos can be challenged again even after receiving 3 stars.
- If you fail the Elemental Chaos stage or exit midway, attempts are not consumed.

# 4. Elemental Upgrade
- Show off the power of more powerful elements through Elemental Upgrade!
- Elemental Upgrade can be performed on 5th or higher equipment items that have been upgraded to +9 or higher.
- Elemental Upgrade is divided into two types: "Elemental ATK" and "Elemental DEF".
- Elemental Upgrade can be performed in [Elemental Upgrade] in the [Craft] > [Upgrade] menu.
- Both Elemental ATK and Elemental DEF can be upgraded on equipped equipment.
  When upgrading, you can choose one of the two and then use the Elemental Core material items to perform upgrades.
- ‘Elemental Master’ can be activated when the Elemental ATK and Elemental DEF upgrade levels of all equipped equipment reach a certain level.

# 5. Elemental Set
- Flame, Earth, Gale! Meet the Elemental Set options and fancy effects that will make you stronger and prove your strength!
- Elemental Set unlocks upon reaching Master Lv. 250.
- Elemental Set can be accessed from [Crafting]> [Set]> [Element Set].
- Elemental Sets can be crafted from 6th equipment or higher and equipment evolution of Lv. 4 or higher.
- Elemental Sets can be crafted through Lorancia NPC Blacksmith Hans.
- Before crafting an Elemental Set, you must use the Equipment Blueprint for each equipment part to proceed with learning.
- Equipment Blueprints can be obtained by killing Kalima BOSSes.
- There are a total of 7 Elemental Set equipment parts, and you can meet powerful set options and colorful effects depending on the number of equipment you have crafted.
- Elemental Sets are classified into three element types: Flame, Earth, and Gale, and each type has different set options and effects.
- The number of equipment required for activating Elemental Set options are 3, 5, 7, and when you craft all parts of a set of equipment in the same element type, you get a special colorful effect.
- After activating all 7 equipment of the Elemental Set, you can activate the effect through [Craft]> [Element set] > [Apply] button at the bottom right corner.
- Crafted Elemental Sets can be deactivated, and when deactivated, it can be changed to a different element type.
- When an Elemental Set is deactivated, the crafting materials consumed are returned to inventory.

# 6. Elemental Amplification
- Amplify the power of the elements and enter the battlefield of Mu Continent with a stronger look!
- Elemental Amplification unlocks upon reaching Master Lv. 250.
- Elemental Amplification can be used in [Crafting]> [Set]> [Elemental Amplification].
- Elemental Amplification can be leveled up by using the equipment blueprint as material on the equipment part that activated the Elemental Set.
- When the Elemental Amplification increases in level, you acquire an option.
- Elemental Amplification option is applied when the equipment for which the Elemental Set is made is equipped.

# 7. Elemental Altar
- Kill the constantly appearing monsters to help recover the crystal's life!
- The Elemental Altar is unlocked upon reaching Master Lv. 250.
- The Elemental Altar content can be found in [Daily] > [Dungeon] > [Elemental Altar] at the top right corner of the screen.
- You can enter the Elemental Altar for free twice a day, and the number of free attempts is reset at 05:00 every day.
- You can purchase additional entrance tickets to the Elemental Alter using Diamonds.
- There are Grand and Small Crystals in the Elemental Altar Dungeon, and it is a content where you protect the crystal from the constantly appearing monsters.
- Small Crystals constantly restore the life of Grand Crystals.
- Monsters that appear constantly attack Small Crystals first, and if all of the Small Crystals are destroyed, they attack Grand Crystals.
- If you equip the Elemental Set equipment in the corresponding to the floor number of the Elemental Altar, the health recovery rate of the Grand Crystal increases according to the number of equipment.
- Elemental option inflict more damage to the monsters that appear in the Elemental Altar.
- Elemental Altar rewards are divided into grades SS to C, and you can acquire rewards starting from grade C or higher.
- At the end of the Elemental Altar, the higher the health of the Grand Crystal, the greater the reward.

# 8. Kalima
- The emergence of new power! Kill the powerful BOSS of Kalima!
- Kalima unlocks upon reaching Master Lv. 250

- You can enter Kalima through [BOSS]> [Kalima] at the top right of the screen.
- You can enter Kalima 3 times a day, and the number of entries is reset every day at 05:00.
- If you fail to kill the boss or exit the dungeon midway, your attempts are not consumed.
- Hunting Points, a challenge condition, exists for BOSS monsters in Kalima, and hunting points can be obtained by killing BOSS monsters
- If you have insufficient Veterancy, you must acquire hunting points by killing BOSS monsters.
- Veterancy are not shared between the floors of Kalima.
- Kalima Veterancy and rewards can only be acquired by the character who deals the most DMG.
- When you kill Kalima's BOSS, you can obtain the Equipment Blueprint required to learn Elemental Set.
- You can request guild support after entering Kalima.
- Party play is not allowed in Kalima, and you will be withdrawn from any existing parties.

# 9. Mount Evolution and Addition of New Mount Features
- Meet mounts that have become more fashionable and colorful through evolution!
- You can evolve a mount using the evolution stone or the mount evolution stone material items of the mount you want to evolve.
- Mount Evolution can be performed in the [Mount]> [Appearance] menu.
- When a mount goes through evolution, its appearance changes, evolution options are added, and it's skill level increases.
- Also, new feature that allows for the upgrade and forge of mounts has been added.
- You can forge a mount using Forging Powder to add options of your choice.
- You can level up the stars of the mount and upgrade the soul.

# 10. Angel Pass
- Acquire various items through Angel Pass!
- Angel Pass can be found in the upper right corner of the game [Angel Pass] after reaching 100 level.
- Angel Buff unlocks when you reach 0th(100 level), 3rd (300 level) and 4th (Master Lv. 1).
If you reach certain level, you can activate the higher tier of Angel Buff than the former activated Angel Buff.
- When you complete the Angel Pass quest, you will acquire Angel EXP and the Angel Level gets higher. If you reach certain Angel Level, you can obtain normal reward.
In addition, the higher the Angel Level, the better normal reward can be obtained.
: Reward List – EXP Bonus Buff, Drop Rate Buff, Expansion of maximum amount of daily reputation, Equipment Chest, etc.
- If you promote normal reward to Angel reward using Diamonds, you can obtain additional reward.
- Each Angel Buff has its own duration.
- You can exchange various items through Angel Shop using Grace Stone the currency of Angel Pass.
- When a higher tier of Angel Buff is activated, Angel Shop will be opened according to the Angel Buff you activated.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]

# 1. Addition of Castle Siege Victory condition and reward
- Some Castle Siege Victory conditions are added. The Defending Guild which occupied Tower of Dragon for more than 4 minutes wins.
- If the Defending Guild failed to occupy Tower of Dragon for more than 4 minutes, the occupied time is reset.
- All guild members who participated S Rank Castle Siege can obtain personal rewards and additional rewards at a random rate as well after the Castle Siege is finished.
- The items obtained through additional rewards will be displayed to Guild Auction and the Garnets from of the successful auction products are distributed to Guild members as Auction dividends.

# 2. Kundun’s Seal
- The Level 800 Kundun's Seal Dungeon has been added.
- When a character reaches level 800 for the first time on each server, the Secret Dungeon opens at 05:00 the next day (GMT+7).
- The Kundun's Seal stays open for 5 days.
- Secret Dungeons are divided into two dungeons, Silver and Gold, and the dungeons that can be entered differ depending on character level.
: Silver Dungeon: Character Level 650 to Level 799
: Gold Dungeon: Character Level 800
- You can enter the Secret Dungeon once a day, and the number of dungeon attempts is reset every day at 05:00 (GMT+7).
- You cannot level up past level 800 while the Kundun's Seal is activated.
- If you join a guild, you can acquire additional EXP in the Secret Dungeon.
- You can get EXP bonuses the next day according to the number of times your guild members enter the Secret Dungeon on that day.
- In the Secret Dungeon, you can acquire material items required for Potentializing.
- You can acquire rewards from the Kundun's Seal screen after the Kundun's Seal content ends.
  The rewards that can be acquired and their pertaining conditions are as follows.
: First Character to Activate Kundun's Seal - Hero Reward
: Characters who Reached Level 800 - Gold Reward
: Characters from over Level 650 to under 799 - Silver Reward
* After reaching level 800, while Kundun's Seal is open, you can accumulate EXP only up to 200%, and additional EXP cannot be acquired.

# 3. Addition of a New Property "Element"
- A new property "Element" has been added.
- The maximum tier of the newly added element property is 3.

# 4. Addition of Ruined Blessed Archangel Weapon
- The new 5th to 9th Ruined Blessed Archangel Weapons have been added.
- Ruined Blessed Archangel Weapon can be found in the lower right corner of the game [Craft] > [Craft] > [Ruined Craft].
- Ruined Blessed Archangel Weapon and Secondary Weapon can be crafted using material items such as Ruined Blessed Archangel Fragment and jewel type items.
- Ruined Blessed Archangel Fragment can be obtained through Mysterious Merchant.

# 5. Addition of New Spirituality
- New Spirituality [Spirituality of Recovery] is added.

# 6. Addition of New Sacrament
- Pauldron Sacrament, Element Sacrament, Secret Weapon Sacrament are added and the Sacrament Properties are as follows.
: Pauldron Sacrament Properties- Defense, Passion, Iron Wall, Counterattack
: Element Sacrament Properties – Decapitation, Explosion, Bloodshed, Unbeatable
: Secret Weapon Sacrament Properties – Agility, Swift Attack, Sharpness, Nerf

# 7. Addition of New Items in the Store
- You can meet items used for the newly added Barrier contents.
- Newly added items can be purchased after the 4th class change when master level 50 is reached.
- You can purchase Basic and Intermediate Crystal items using for Barrier Promotion.
- There is a purchase quantity limit for Basic and Intermediate Crystals.
: Basic Crystals - 3 per week
: Intermediate Crystals - 1 per week

# 8. Addition of New Combination Items
- New items that can be combined have been added.
- Item Tab: Intermediate Barrier Spirit, Advanced Barrier Spirit
- Advanced Equipment Tab: Blessed Archangel Weapons, Secondary Weapons

# 9. Max Level Expansion
- The max level in MU Archangel has been expanded from 800 to 900.
- The expanded Max. level is Master Lv. 500.

# 10. Addition of the 8th Class Change
- The 8th class change has been added.
- The Class names for each class are as follows.
: 8th Class Change - Noble Mage I, Arch Night I, Noble Elf I

# 11. Addition of New BOSS Monsters
- World BOSS, Solo BOSS, and Ancient Battlefield BOSS monsters are added in respect to the expansion of the Max. level.
: World BOSS – White Lord, Red Lord, Disparter, Yanusys
: Solo BOSS – Gold Lizard, Gold Lizard King, Gold Beetle, Gold Spark's Warrior Commander, Gold Mulciber, Gold Magnus
: Ancient Battlefield BOSS - White Lord, Red Lord, Disparter, Yanusys

# 12. Addition of New Event ‘Luck Package’
- When you reach certain character level, the Luck Packages will be opened and the components are differed according to your character level.
- Each Luck Package can be purchased only once.
- The Lucky Package consists of items that are needed to you and are recommended.
- First Purchase Package do not activated when you purchase Lucky Package.
- Please note that each Lucky Package has different purchase time, so please check the purchase time before you purchase Luck Packages.

[Improvements and Corrections of System]

# 1. Optimization of Land of Demons
- Land of Demons areas below the 350 levels can activate areas with higher level of difficulty depending on the character level.
- The amount of EXP that can be obtained through Land of Demons below the Master Lv. 100 areas is increased.
- If the character is killed several times by other character during PVP in a short time in Land of Demons, the character cannot enter Land of demons for a certain period of time.

# 2. Demonic Spirit Raid
- Find the Demonic Spirit appeared at Land of Demons and enjoy the enormous EXP through defeating it!
- Invasion of Demonic Spirit is a content that when the Demonic Spirit is gathered every day 19:00 – 05:00 (game server time) in some areas of Land of Demons at a random rate, it turns the monsters mutated using the Demonic Spirit.
- The mutated monsters have large HP, EXP and increased in their numbers.
 The Efficiency grade of the area where the Demonic Spirit is gathered is same as 5 Star Efficiency region of that level.

# 3. Improvements
- We have improved server selection window and character creation screen more convenient for you.
- ‘Soul of Nerore’ can be purchased after reaching 380 level because fostering character is quickened due to shortened tutorial.
- The daily quests EXP reward of some contents are raised.
: Below Master 200 Level – Guild Quests, Bounty Quests, Solo BOSS, World BOSS, Land of Demons, Icaria, Ancient Battlefield Elite Monster and Ancient Battlefield BOSS
: All levels – Blood Castle
- The tutorial for characters below 140 level is shortened for new Warriors fast growth. The shortened tutorial rewards are delivered automatically.
- The open conditions of contents below are changed.
: [Set] content - Current 350 Level > Changed to 330 Level
: [Set Treasure] content – Current 360 Level > Changed to 340 Level
- The overlapping quantities of some items have increased to 9,999.
- The max level in Spirituality has been expanded to 800. The max level in Spirituality Property level has expanded to 80.
- The VIP benefit below has added.
: VIP3, Elemental Altar Available Purchases +1
- The shortcut button you can check the content to upgrade your character is added for fostering more powerful character.
The shortcut button can be found right next to the Character Portrait at the top left corner of the game.

# 4. Revised Class Balance

Thank you.