Winner Announcements

[Happy New Year Facebook Event] Winner Announcements!


Hello, Warriors!

We thank all the warriors who participated in the [Happy New Year Facebook Event],
and we will be announcing the winners of the event as well as the date awards will be given out!

[Happy New Year Facebook Event] Winners

* Participants who fulfilled all the event condition were selected as winners.

- Event Rewards
 Coupon for the following items: Jewel of Life x3, Steel of Refinement x1, Jewel of Soul x5

- Date/Time of Reward Distribution
 Date/Time: Jan 7th (Fri), 2022 after 14:00 (GMT+7)
 Distribution Method: The coupon numbers will be distributed sequentially through [Mail] > [Message].

* If you are on the winner list but have not received a coupon, please submit a ticket through customer support within
   7 days to make sure you receive the coupon. It is difficult for us to assist you after the 7 day period has passed.
* If you have participated in the event but have deleted the pertaining post, you will be excluded from the winner
   selection, and will not be able to receive rewards. 
* Winners will be drawn based on account, so even if you participate in the event with multiple characters in one account, 
   only one character is eligable to win.
* Event rewards can only be used once per account.
* Please check the FAQ for a guide on how to use coupons (Link: How to use coupons)
* In-game messages sent to [Message] can be viewed by all characters in one account, 
  so please make sure to carefully check the character to be using the coupon.
* Coupons that have already been used cannot be moved to or used by another character.

Thank you.