[7th] MU Archangel April 7th (Thurs) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 7th MU Archangel update that took place on April 7th (Thurs).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon reconnection after completely closing MU Archangel.
* From this update, the acquirable Contribution Points through completing Daily Quests have been adjusted. Please note that Warriors who completed Daily Quests after the maintenance will acquire adjusted Contribution Points.

■ MU Archangel April 7th (Thurs) 7th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]
# 1. Corps
- Join a Corps and gather forces to fight against the power of evil!
- The Corps content opens after reaching Master level 160 and can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Corps].
- A new Corps season starts every first Tuesday of each month at 11:00 (game server time) and ends on the first Monday of the following month at 05:00 (game server time).
- Class S and A guilds in the server which are opened more than 100 days will automatically pair up to create a Regular Corps by the system to match other Corps in the world server.
- In order to maintain the power balance between each Corps, there is an Occupation Rate to watch the balance.
- The Corps occupation rate is calculated by considering Corps Combat Power, the number of Corps members, and the number of participating guilds.
- If Corps Combat Power exceed the occupation rate, the Debuffs, reduced Auction income and acquirable Military Merit, will be applied to all Corps members.
- If the number of Corps member exceed the occupation rate, a Debuff which is decreased acquirable resources of Conquest Battle will be applied to all Corps members.
- The Corps occupation rate will be calculated every day at 05:00 (game server time) and if the occupation rate is exceeded, a warning will be sent out.
- If you receive the Corps occupation rate warning and occupation rate still exceeds the limit the following day, Debuffs, reduced Auction income and acquirable Military Merit will go into effect.
* The upcoming Corps season starts on April 7th (Thurs).

1-1. Corps Estate
- You can only move to your own Corps' Estate, and you can move via [Corps] > [Corps Estate].
- In the Corps estate, Battle Mode is fixed to 'Corps' and can't be changed.
- Corps members in a Regular Corps can move to the Corps Estate to participate in Demon Ruler Raid, Conquest Battle, and Corps Daily Events.
- Neutral Corps and Reserve Corps can only participate in Corps daily events in the Corps Estate.

1-2. Regular Corps
- S and A-class guilds in the server will automatically pair up to create a Regular Corps set up by the system to match other Corps in the world server.
- Regular Corps can participate in 'Demon Ruler Raid' and 'Conquest Battle,' which are world server contents.
- Each guild's Guild Master and Deputy Guild Master can cast Corps votes to banish a guild from the Corps.
- Banished guild cannot re-join the Corps for the next 72 hours.
- A Regular Corps member who is omitted from the Corps members list due to the occupation rate will be considered a reserve member.
- Reserve Corps members can only participate in Corps daily event and cannot partake in 'Demon Ruler Raid' and 'Conquest Battle'.

1-3. Reserve Corps
- Should your guild rejoin a Corps it's been banished from, it'll join a Reserve Corps. 
- Reserve Corps status lasts for 2 days, and each day is over at 06:00 (game server time).
- Guilds in Reserve Corps can only participate in the Corps Daily Event and cannot partake in 'Demon Ruler Raid' and 'Conquest Battle'.

1-4. Neutral Corps
- Guilds that didn't join the Regular Corps automatically joins the Neutral Corps.
- Neutral Corps cannot participate in 'Demon Ruler Raid' and 'Conquest Battle' but can only participate in the following daily events: 'Ruler's Butler', 'Corps Quest', and 'Corps Gathering'.

1-5. Corps Agreement
- View Corps agreement in the bottom left side of the screen: [Corps] > [Corps Information].
- Once the season ends, Class S and A guilds in a server will be matched again for the Corps content.
- Corps agreement can be established between each guild and the Corps it belongs to.
- Guilds with the Corps agreement stay in the Corps even after the end of the season.
- Only Guild Master or Deputy Guild Master can establish or cancel Corps agreements.
- The Corps agreement can be signed or canceled 3 days after the start of the season. Agreements cannot be canceled within 3 days of the end of the season.
- Each guild can sign 1 Corps agreement each day.

1-6. Corps Ranks
- View Corps rank in the bottom left side of the screen: [Corps] > [Rank].
- There are 6 ranks in a Corps and you can rank up by participating in Corps contents and earning 'Military Merit' and 'Personal Rank'.
- When it comes to ‘Supreme' rank, the player's Personal Rank and accumulated Military Merit condition must reach TOP 10.
- When Corps rank is activated, rank activation rewards will be given accordingly.
- Corps rank and activation rewards will reset upon the end of the season.

1-7. Rank Reward
- View Corps rank in the bottom left side of the screen: [Corps] > [Rank Reward].
- Rank Reward is consisted of Corps rank and Personal rank and the Rank reward resets when the season ends.
- Corps rank is calculated based on how much Income the Corps generated, and everyone except reserve members will receive rewards based on their ranks at the end of the season. 
  Also, higher quality rewards will be given to higher ranking players.
- Corps Personal rank is calculated based the sum of Military Merit within the Corps vs other members. Higher quality rewards will be given to higher ranking players.
- Once a player leaves a Corps, his personal rank will be maintained until joining a new Corps.
- When joining a new corps, 50% of Military Merit is maintained, and the remaining 50% Military Merit can be gradually unlocked by completing corps daily events.

1-8. Corps Medal
- View Corps Medal in the bottom left side of the screen: [Corps] > [Corps Medal].
- After opening the Corps content, joining a Corps will reward you with a medal.
- Corps Medal is split into Guild Medal and Personal Medal and Guild Medal's types, requirements, and effects are as follows
: Medal of the Strong - Rewarded to a guild member within a Corps with the Total CP exceeding a certain percentage of the Corps' Total CP. You can activate Medal of Distinction and Medal of Glory.
: Medal of Distinction - Rewarded to a guild member whose earned Military Merit matches a portion of the total accumulated income by the guild each week. When calculating the Corps' CP, the total CP of the guild is calculated low. 
: Medal of Glory - Activates both Medal of the Strong and Medal of Distinction. Active until the following Monday at 05:00 (game server time). Prevent another guild from banishing the guild from the Corps. 
- Only 1 Personal Medal can be activated, and it activates every day at 05:00 (game server time). Also, when activating the 'Overwhelming Battle Prowess Medal' and 'Reliable Ally Medal' at a time, the 'Overwhelming Battle Prowess Medal' activates. Each medal's types, requirements, and benefits are as follows
: Overwhelming Battle Prowess Medal - Rewarded to a TOP 3 ranked Corps member. The player's Combat Power is omitted when calculating the Corps' Combat Power. 
: Reliable Ally Medal - Rewarded to a Corps member with sufficient Combat Power. The player's Combat Power is included when calculating the Corps Combat Power.

1-9. Achievements
- Achievements can be viewed in [Corps] > [Achievement].
- Acquiring achievement via Corps contents yields rewards.
- Rewards reset after the end of the season.

# 2. Ruler's Butler
- Defeat the Ruler's Butler in the Corps Estate and receive various rewards!
- Ruler's Butler can be accessed via [Corps] > [Event] > [Ruler's Butler].
- Ruler's Butler event occurs twice a day at 00:00-18:00 and 20:55-24:00 (game server time).
- Ruler's Butler spawns randomly in the Corps Estate besides the Safe Area.
- Whoever dealt the most damage on the Ruler's Butler receives the right to collect the dropped items.
- You can request Corps Support upon killing the Ruler's Butler and Corps Support Reward can be given up to 5 times.
- Holding Ruler's Butler Wanted Notice grants you Max Reward and you can receive it twice a day for free.
- You can add the number of times you can acquire max reward by purchasing additional Ruler's Butler Wanted Notices.
- If you're out of Ruler's Butler Wanted Notice when you defeat the Ruler's Butler, you cannot receive max rewards and will receive Ruler's Butler Kill Meter instead.
- Should Ruler's Butler Kill Meter exceed 6, you cannot Kill him.
- Owning the Ruler's Butler Wanted Notice and killing the Ruler's Butler prevents the Kill Meter from rising.

# 3. Demon Ruler Raid
- Defeat the Demon Ruler's Phantoms invading the Corps Estate and receive tons of rewards!
- Demon Ruler Raid can be accessed via [Corps] > [Event] > [Demon Ruler Raid].
- Demon Ruler's Phantoms appears each Corps' estate every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 20:30 (game server time). 
- Demon Ruler's Phantoms appears for 15 minutes, and whichever Corps dealing the most DMG will receive rewards.
- 5 minutes prior to the start of the Demon Ruler Raid, players can either select Estate Defense or Ruler Scramble when entering. 
  The entered territory can be adjusted whenever, and damage records won't be reset.
- When dying while in the Demon Ruler Raid, DMG inflicted on Demon Ruler's Phantoms is reduced by 10%.
- Players participating in Demon Ruler Raid are eligible to participate in the auction and receive Personal Contribution Points. 
 As a part of a Personal Contribution reward, you can receive a Personal Contribution Chest, large amount of Military Merit and Personal Income.
- 3 Demon Ruler's Phantoms with unique rewards each will appear in each Corps Estate. Demon Ruler's Phantom types are as follows
: Ruler's Phantom - Top 2 DMG dealing Corps will receive the treasure.
: Left-hand Phantom - The highest DMG dealing Corps will receive the treasure.
: Right-hand Phantom - The highest DMG dealing Corps will receive the treasure.
- Regular Corps members can request their Corps for assistance during Demon Ruler Raid.
- The Corps who contributed the most in defeating Ruler’s Phantom will receive Income, Rune Shard, Mythical Beast Insignia and more.
- Whoever dealt DMG to Ruler’s Phantom and participated in Demon Ruler Raid will receive Demon Ruler Raid rewards.

3-1. Estate Defense
- Ward off another Corps' invasion and defeat the Ruler’s Phantom to defend the Corps estate.
- Leaving the Corps Estate while Estate Defense is ongoing will reduce the DMG dealt to Ruler’s Phantom by 50%.
- If a player selected Estate Defense to enter the raid and died at the base entrance or in the base, he will resurrect in the Defender's Resurrection Point.
- Receive the Estate Protection buff in the Corps Estate that increases damage dealt to Ruler’s Phantom.
- Damaging Ruler’s Phantom in your Corps Estate yields rewards. Receive more rewards by placing higher in DMG rank.

3-2. Dark Lord Scramble
- Move to another Corps' Estate and defeat the Ruler’s Mirror Image to steal the rewards.
- Abandoning the map while Dark Lord Scramble is ongoing in another Corps' Estate doesn't reduce the inflicted DMG.
- Dying in another Corps' camp while Dark Lord Scramble is ongoing will revive your character in the marked area on the Plunderer's side.
- Estate Protection is not applied while in Dark Lord Scramble.
- During Dark Lord Scramble, you can steal another Corps' Ruler’s Phantom rewards.

# 4. Conquest Battle
- Prove your Corps' might through battle and earn honor and fame for your Corps!
- Conquest Battle can be accessed via [Corps] > [Event] > [Conquest Battle].
- Conquest Battle is a content where two Corps fight one another.
- Conquest Battle is a content where two Corps fight to occupy all 5 resource bases to acquire points and  
  whichever Corps earning 18,000 points wins.
- The Conquest Battle opens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 20:20 (game server time) and only those who declared war or received a declaration of war can participate.
- You can use 1 Scroll of Conquest to declare war another Corps.
- Demon Ruler Raid has a chance to drop Scroll of Conquest.
- Unless you use the Scroll of Conquest within the given time, the system will automatically declare war on a Corps.
- Each Guild Master or Deputy Guild Master within a Corps can start a Corps Vote to make members to vote on which Corps to declare a war against.
- Each Corps may only declare war on 1 Corps.
- The Corps that declare invasion become Attackers and the other Corps are Defenders. The invading Corps can steal the defending Corps' income, and the amount of Defending Corps Income to be plundered depends on whether the Attackers win the event.
- Personal Points can be obtained via personal event points from attacking enemies, attacking resource bases, and collecting battlefield runes.
- Acquire Corps income, Corps Auction Goods, and more via Conquest Battle Rewards.
- Corps Auction Goods varies, pending the opposing team's rank and the battle's result. The reward quality goes up with the opposing team's rank.
- Personal rewards are received via mail pending Conquest Battle solo rank and personal event points.
  The reward quality goes up with rank and rewards include Military Merit, Personal Income, and EXP.
- When Conquest Battle concludes, players with over 500 personal points on the Corps Estate map will receive rewards.

4-1. Resource Base
- Three Resource Bases in Corps Estate is placed in five locations. Occupying resource base yields resources. 
  The types of Resource Bases are as follows
: Statue Base - Placed in the middle of the map and produces the most amount of resource. Once occupied, it becomes invincible for 55 seconds via Estate Protection and only characters above a certain Combat Power can damage it.
: Crystal Base - There's one above and below in the battlefield. The amount of resources produced is Medium. Once occupied, it becomes invincible for 40 seconds.
: Flag Base - There's one on the left and right side of the battlefield. The amount of resources produced is Default. Once occupied, it becomes invincible for 30 seconds.

4-2. Battlefield Rune
- Two types of Battlefield Runes spawn in the Corps Estate during the Conquest Battle. 
- Receive personal event points and buffs by gathering Battlefield Runes that randomly spawn on the battlefield during combat. 
  The details on the Battle Rune and Resource Rune are as follows
: Battle Rune - either a unique or epic version randomly appears in the Battle Rune spawn point 
: Unique Battle Rune - Earn 300 personal points by gathering a Unique Battle Rune, and randomly earn combat bonuses or small amount of Corps resource points.
: Epic Battle Rune - Earn 80 personal points when gathering an Epic Battle Rune, and randomly earn combat bonuses or small amount of Corps resource points.
: Resource Rune
- A Legendary rune that spawns randomly in the Resource Rune spawn point.
- Gathering a Resource Rune grants 300 Personal Points and ally's resource production increases by 2.4%.
- Resource Production efficiency increases the resource point yield when occupying a base.

# 5. Corps Auction
- Corps Auction content can be viewed in [Auction] > [Corps Auction].
- Corps Auction starts after Demon Ruler Raid and Conquest Battle concludes.
- Players who participated in Demon Ruler Raid and Conquest Battle can bid on Auction Items and receive Auction Dividends during the Corps Auction.
- Participating in the Auction will proactively consume a Garnet, but once the Auction fails, it will be returned.
- Should there be a bid with less than 3 minutes remaining, the auction countdown will reset back up to 3 minutes.
- Should there be no further bids once the auction starts, the auction will end at 21:15 (game server time).
- Corps Auction concludes at 22:00 (game server time), and the auction will not be renewed 3 minutes before the end of the auction.
- Corps Auction Dividends will be released at 22:00 (game server time).
- Corps member eligible to receive the Auction Dividend can receive it at the Corps Auction screen.
- Players can receive Auction Dividend by clicking on the Receive Dividend button in [Corps Auction] > [Dividend]. Unclaimed dividend will be sent the following day via mail.

# 6. Corps Gathering
- Corps Gathering can be accessed via [Corps] > [Event] > [Corps Gathering].
- With Corps Gathering, players can gather Blue Orb and Blue Crown in the Corps Estate twice a day. 
- Corps Gathering shares its attempts with gathering Sacraments in the Chrysos World Server.
- When gathering in the Corps Estate, you can gather Summoning Stone Chest, Mythical Beast Insignia, and Military Merit Rewards.

# 7. Corps Quest
- Corps Quest can be accessed via [Corps] > [Event] > [Corps Quest].
- Players can run 5 Corps Quests a day and the limit is shared with Guild Quests.
- Completing a Corps Quest deducts a quest count and the quest limit resets everyday at 05:00 (game server time).
- The Corps Quest has multiple tiers and the higher the tier, the better the reward.
- Once you complete a Corps Quest, Military Merit and Personal Income are granted and during S Tier quest, you can receive a Corps Quest Chest.

# 8. Mythical Beast
- Gather more Mythical Beasts and grow them!
- Mythical Beast opens up after Master level 160 and it can be accessed in the bottom right in [Spirituality] > [Mythical Beast].
- Mythical Beast can be acquired by unlocking and Mythical Beast has different unlock requirements. 
- Various options and skills become available upon opening the Mythical Beast feature.
- Mythical Beast can be promoted and upgraded and it can be equipped with Mythical Beast Insignias to acquire more options.
- Options and skills are applied to the competing Mythical Beast. Mythical Beasts that aren't competing are only affected by Default Options and Mythical Beast Insignia options.
- There's a limit to how many contests that can compete and you can increase the number by using Token of the Strongest.
- You can send up to 6 Mythical Beasts into a contest.

8-1. Mythical Beast Promotion & Upgrade
- You can promote the equipped Mythical Beast Insignia when the star rating meets the requirement.
- You can upgrade Mythical Beasts by leveling them up, and once they reach a specific level, an additional option is granted.
- Activate an additional option and Mythical Beast skill via Mythical Beast Promotion.
- When Mythical Beast is promoted, you can increase the Mythical Beast Skill's level and its rating goes up by one.
- Leveling up a Mythical Beast requires a Mythical Beast's Soul. Mythical Beast's Soul can be acquired by dismantling Mythical Beast Insignia.

8-2. Mythical Beast Insignia
- Each Mythical Beast can equip 6 Mythical Beast Insignias to acquire insignia options.
- There are 6 Mythical Beast Insignia types (Epic, Unique, and Legendary).
- Mythical Beast Insignia can be combined with Mythical Beast Insignia and Mythical Beast's Flame of the same slot, and Mythical Beast Insignia use as a material must be at least 1 Star Legendary.
- You can receive Mythical Beast Insignia above 2 Stars Legendary via combining insignias.
- Random Star rating options are granted when combining Mythical Beast Insignias.

# 9. Earring
- Fancy and powerful Accessories are available! 
- The earring opens after the 7th Class Change and reaching master level 300.
- The earring slot can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Inventory] > [Equipment].
- Tier 1 equipment slot can be activated in the 4th equipment tab.
- You can purchase earrings in the Reputation Shop after activating the earring slot.
- Serbis' Accessory Set tier's set effect with the earring unlocked will be expanded from 3 to 4.
- Equipping earrings grant various options and special equipment skills.
- 2nd earring slot activates when you equip a random tiered earring.
- Tier 2 earring slot can be activated, and the 2nd earring slot can be viewed in the 5th equipment tab.
- You can acquire a powerful Serbis earring by combining 2 earrings with different ratings.
- Equipping a new earring while having an earring equipped will automatically inherit the previous earring's Soul Infusion and Forging stats.
  But inherit doesn’t apply if the replacing earring already is forged and has a soul infusion.

9-1. Forge Earring
- Forge Earring can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Craft] > [Craft] > [Forge Earring].
- You can forge an earring by consuming Soul Crystals.
- Rare Soul Crystal can be purchased at the Reputation Shop.
- Forging an earring upgrades equipment options and special equipment skills.
- The highest rating to which you can forge an earring is (D) and the order is as follows.
  Forging Grade Rating Order : (S) > (G) > (P) > (D)

9-2. Infuse Souls to Earrings
- Earring can be Soul Infused in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Craft] > [Craft] > [Infuse Souls to Earrings].
- You can acquire various options and powerful property skills by running Soul Infusion on an earring.
- You can consume Soul Talisman to Soul Infuse an earring.
- Powerful property skills activate when you achieve 3 Stars with Soul Infusion.

# 10. Commission
- Use the Commission to receive twice the benefits with your Guild Member!
- You may Commission your Guild Member to run a Daily Quest on your behalf, and once the quest is completed, both you and your Guild Member receive rewards.
- Commission opens after reaching Master level 160.
- Commission can be accessed via [Daily] > [Commission] in the upper right.
- Sending Commission will consume daily quest count, Zen, and dungeon entry items.
- Once the Commission completes, the requester receives the Daily Quest bonus, and the requestee receives the request completion reward.
- When nobody accepts the Commission, the Commission can be cancelled and once it's cancelled, the number of daily quests and dungeon entry items are returned.
- Zen that was used to send Commissions cannot be reimbursed.
- Uncompleted Commissions are automatically completed everyday at 04:30 (game server time) and 90% of rewards are given.
- You can receive up to 3 Commission completion rewards and even if you received all the rewards, you can continue to accept Commissions.
- Commissions must be completed within 2 hours of acceptance and if the time is exceeded, the accepted Commission will be abandoned.
- Once a Commission is abandoned, you cannot accept the same Commission from a guild member on the same day.
- Abandoned quests can be accepted by other guild members.
- If the accepted Commission is not completed until 04:00 (game server time), it'll automatically be canceled, and you cannot receive Commission rewards.
- If the Commission content is opened, you can purchase Advanced Commissions.
- When you buy an Advanced Commission, you can Commission more daily quests to your guild members and conducting a Commission immediately completes the quest and rewards are instantly shared.
- Commissions that was sent out before Advanced Commission was purchased doesn't complete automatically and you can receive rewards only when your guild member completes the Commission.

# 11. Addition of Wing Rune
- Wing Rune can be viewed in [Craft] > [Attach Rune].
- Tier 1 and 2 Rune and Rune Shard has been opened.
- The Wing Rune slot can be unlocked with an item and once unlocked, you will gain a permanent option.
- You need a Wing's Star to unlock the Wing Rune and it can be acquired in the Military Merit Shop.
- Wing Rune can only be upgraded with Wing Rune and Wing Rune Shards.
- If you equip an unforged level 1 Wing Rune of a higher rating than the equipped Wing Rune, the previous Wing's EXP and Rune Shards will be transferred to a higher Tier Wing Rune.

# 12. Dimensional Bag
- Make your adventures more convenient by carrying a wide variety of items in the Dimensional Bag!
- Dimensional bag is opened after the 5th Class Change, reaching Master level 100, and completing the <Dimensional Bag> sub quest.
- Dimensional bag can be purchased in [World Server] > [World Server Event] > [Regular Arena] > [Shop].
- The Dimensional Bag will be stored in the inventory and when used in the inventory, it will display various items you own.
- The Dimensional Bag can be split into a total of 5 types of slots (EXP Capsule/Equipment/Rune/Set/Mythical Beast Insignia)
- You can double click on the items you own to either move them to Dimensional Bag or take them out.
- Checking the ‘Automatically add Growth items’ will automatically store growth items in the Dimensional Bag.
- Tapping on the ‘Use all’ button will select Growth items you own and use them all at once.
- Some slots in Dimensional Bag can be expanded by using Dimensional Pouch.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]
# 1. Addition of New Items at Mysterious Merchant Shop
- New items that can be purchased have been added.
- Class Switch Card: An item that can switch your class to another class

# 2. Expanded max Element Property Tier
- 4-8th Element properties have been added to each class.

[Improvements and Corrections of System]
- Acquirable Contribution Point after opening the Corps content has been adjusted.
: Corps content - Acquirable Contribution Point has been increased
: Daily Quest - Acquirable Contribution Point has been decreased
- Corps chat and news functions have been added.
- The 'Conquest Battle' will start on Servers with the Corps content open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 8PM, and the 'Chaos Castle' content will not run at that time.
- The VIP benefit below has added.
: VIP 3, over Master level 270 - Added Elemental Chaos Sweep Feature
: VIP 4, over Master level 270 - Added Elemental Altar Sweep Feature

Thank you.