Notice on issue that [Limited Payback] Event has not been opened (Resolved)


Hello, Warriors!

We would like to inform all Warriors the issue that [Limited Payback Event] was supposed to be opened on May 24th at 05:00 (game server time), however, we confirmed that the event did not open.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for your gameplay.

This issue has been investigated to determine the cause of the problem. 

Therefore, as of May 24th 10:36 (GMT+7), we have opened [Limited Payback] event.
Warriors can normally access to the event and use [Colorful Diamonds] at Exchange Shop.

But, we determined following additional issues as below:

1) For those warriors who used Diamonds before [Limited Payback] event is opened, [Colorful Diamonds] have not been increased.
2) For those warriors whose [Colorful Diamonds] have been initialized after [Limited Payback] event is opened.

Please note that [Colorful Diamonds] will be given to the Warriors related to the issues above after checking and calculating.

Regarding detailed information on compensating [Colorful Diamonds] for above issues, we will update you through a separate notice as soon as the compensation is provided.

We will try our best to prevent the same issue from occurring it in the future.

Thank you.