Detailed Information on Compensating [Colorful Diamonds] to Targeted Warriors


Hello, Warriors!

As announced through the announcement on May 24th (Tue), it has been confirmed that 2 more additional issues are occurred after opening [Limited Payback] Event.

The additional issues are as follows:
1) For those warriors who used Diamonds before [Limited Payback] event is opened, [Colorful Diamonds] have not been increased.
2) For those warriors whose [Colorful Diamonds] have been initialized after [Limited Payback] event is opened.

☞ Notice on issue that [Limited Payback] Event has not been opened [Click to check the announcement]

As we noticed through the announcement above that we will compensate you [Colorful Diamonds] after checking and calculating.

Accordingly, we have completed compensating [Colorful Diamonds] as of May 24th (Tue), 2022 20:07 (GMT+7) to the warriors related to the issues above.

The compensated amount of [Colorful Diamonds] is as shown below.

[Detailed Information on Compensating Colorful Diamonds to Targeted Warriors]

 ■ Target
 1) Warriors who used Diamonds before [Limited Payback] event is opened
 2) Warriors whose [Colorful Diamonds] have been initialized after [Limited Payback] event is opened

 ■ Compensation information
 - Colorful Diamonds equal to the amount as below have been given to the targeted warriors
 - Colorful Diamonds that are given as compensation will be directly reflected to your character.
   The total amount of Colorful Diamonds can be checked through top of the screen at [Limited Payback] menu. 

■ Compensation Schedule
   - On May 24th (Tue), 2022 20:07 (GMT+7), compensation has been given and the amount of Colorful Diamonds will be noticed through in-game [Mail].

* If you have not received the compensation by May 25th (Wed) 05:00 (GMT+7), please contact us through the [Customer Support] in the game. We will check it and quickly assist you.

We apologize to the warriors who experienced inconvenience this may have caused.

We will work hard to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

Thank you.