Notice on restrictions to be taken in response to abusing system and illegal actions in the game


Hello, Warriors!

We have restricted the accounts and monitored the game when illegal program and any abuses in the game that violate the policy were detected in MU Archangel to create a healthy gaming culture.

Recently, we have noticed that some Warriors have made unfair profits through abusing the payment system.
Therefore, to manage this problem, we will enforce sanctions and strengthen investigation.

When an act such as making unfair profits through selling paid items illegally by abusing payment system is detected, we restrict the accounts permanently and retrieve the paid items.

Meanwhile, please note that it is difficult to provide assistance to those warriors who have penalized due to purchasing paid items through illegal channel, so please we ask you to refrain purchasing illegal paid items.

In addition, we ask for your understanding that we cannot cancel the restrictions on the account for the reason above.

We promise to respond strongly and sternly to restrict players who violate the policy and abuse the system and to carry out a high level of monitoring for Warriors play MU Archangel normally.

We will continue to strive for creating a better gaming environment for our Warriors.

Thank you.