▶ Ninth Update Preview of MU Archangel


Hello, Warriors!

The Ninth update is coming soon with full of various contents!

We are announcing the update news in advance so that Warriors can check the contents to be updated beforehand.
Please check below for details.

* When update is ongoing, the entire server will be inspected. Maintenance schedule will be announced via further notice.
* Detailed information about the update content will be provided through 'Update Patch Notice' on the day of the update.
* The update schedule and contents are subject to change. We will notify through additional notice if changes are made.

■ 9th Update Preview of MU Archangel ■

1. Temple of Solomon
 - Prove your Corps' might in the Temple of Solomon!
 - The Temple of Solomon is opened after the 7th Class Change and reaching Master Lv.300. It can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Corps] > [Event] > [Temple of Solomon].
 - Temple of Solomon is consisted of total 5 floors (Cloud/Deluge/Blizzard/Lightning/Chaos), and each of the floors are divided into 3 stages.
 - Each stage has a boss and elite monster that can be challenged after reaching the required Temple Resistance condition. After defeating them, various Temple Artifacts can be collected.
 - Defeating Elite monsters and Bosses accumulates Fatigue and once it fills up, you cannot continue challenging them.
 - Additional corps achievements will be added for participating in Temple of Solomon and claiming Temple Artifacts. You can access Corps Achievements when joining official Corps.

2. Temple Artifacts
 - Try out the mysterious Temple Artifacts containing various powerful options!
 - Temple Artifact is opened after the 7th Class Change and reaching Master Lv.300.
 - There are 9 types of Temple Artifacts that are dropped by Temple of Solomon Bosses and Elite monsters.
 - Set Effects can be activated after equipping a certain number of the same tier and set.
   # Magic/Epic Rating: Up to 6 set effects
   # Unique/Legendary Rating: Up to 9 set effects
 - Temple Artifacts have dedicated PVP skills for each set and are activated when over 7 legendary artifacts of the same set are equipped.

2-1. Artifact Upgrade
 - You can upgrade artifacts via [Temple Artifact] > [Upgrade] in the bottom right side of the screen.
 - You can increase various Artifact options and Temple RES by upgrading Temple Artifacts.

2-2. Awakening Artifact
 - You can awaken artifact via [Temple Artifact] > [Awaken] in the bottom right side of the screen.
 - Each time all the equipped artifacts reach 1, 2, and 3 awakening level, Awakening skills will be activated and enhanced.

2-3. Imbue Magic
 - Imbue Magic and can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen in [Temple Artifact] > [Imbue Magic].
 - Imbue Magic can be applied on all 8 Temple Artifacts except rings and can be applied 2 times on each Temple Artifact.
 - Every time all equipped Imbue Magic achieves levels 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, the full body Imbue Magic option becomes activated.

3. Barrier Divine Stone
 - Feel the power of the Barrier enhanced by Divine Stone!
 - Barrier Divine Stone is opened when the Barrier contents is opened, and can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Spirituality] > [Barrier] > [Equip Divine Stone].
 - Divine Stones can be acquired when sub quests in each Divine Stone slot are completed.
   * The sub quests can be acquired from the Marune in Lorencia.

4. Wing Amplification
 - Amplify the power of wings and gain a competitive skill over other classes!
 - Wing Amplification is opened after the 2nd Class Change and reaching Lv. 200.
 - Wing Amplification can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Spirituality] > [Wings] > [Wing Amplification]
 - After Wing Amplification, various options and skills can be obtained, and you can choose the Match class to apply the Amplification Skill.

5. Mythical Beast Core
 - Full of various Options: Mythical Beast Core!
 - Mythical Beast Core can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Mythical] > [Mythical Beast Core]
 - Mythical Beast Core can be equipped in total 7 parts and parts are as followed: Mythical Beast Spirit Core, Mythical Beast Lineage Core, Mythical Beast Soul Core, Mythical Beast Heart Core, Mythical Beast Essence Core, Mythical Beast Fighting Spirit Core, and Mythical Beast King Core.
 - Mythical Beast Core can be acquired from Ruler’s Butler etc.

6. Mythical Core Awakening
 - Mythical Beast Core Awakening can be found in the bottom right of the main screen, through [Mythical Beast] > [Mythical Beast Core] > [Core Awakening]
 - After awakening cores, Core options values increase significantly, and various options will be available.

7. Mythical Beast Awaken
 - Awaken the Mythical Beast for more powerful options and exclusive Mythical Skills!
 - Mythical Beast Awaken can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Mythical Beast] > [Preview] > [Mythical Beast Awaken].
 - Only the followed Mythical Beast can be awakened:
   Flamen King, Awaken Condra, White Lord, Angelo, Hellmount Ruler, Abyss Bishop
 - Summoned awakened Mythical Beast will assist you using the exclusive Awakening Skills in the battle.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]
1. Notification added for new items in shop
 - When secret chest can be purchased, the notification for the item will be available

2. Addition of New item in Cast Iron
 - Alien Meteorite in Cast Iron is newly added

3.Addition and revision in Packages
 - Some of the Packages are revised as followed:
   1) Luck Package: For 7 days after the Temple Artifact is opened, Temple Artifact Luck Package is available.
   2) Daily Package: For servers opened more than 150 days, Holy Water of Temple Item from Temple of Solomon is added in $4.99 package.

Thank you.