[9th] MU Archangel June 20th (Mon) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 9th MU Archangel update that took place on June 20th (Mon).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon re-connection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel June 20th (Mon) 9th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]

# 1. Temple of Solomon
- Prove your Corps' might in the Temple of Solomon gushing with dark powers!
- Temple of Solomon opens after the 7th Class Change and reaching Master level 300.
- Temple of Solomon can be found in the bottom right, through [Corps] > [Event] > [Temple of Solomon].
- There are 5 floors (Cloud/Deluge/Blizzard/Lightning/Chaos) with 3 Tiers in the Temple of Solomon.
- Each of the 5 floors are affected by Elements and are split into 3 phases each.
Once the required Elements RES and their values are met, each floor and their phases in the Temple opens up accordingly.
  e.g. The Cloud Temple 2 on the 1st floor of the Temple of Solomon opens up only if Cloud RES reaches certain value.
- You can obtain a Unlock Reward every time you open each floor and phase when you reach the certain Temple RES value.
- There are BOSS and elite monsters on each floor, and you can challenge them once your RES meets the requirement.
- Acquire a wide array of Temple Artifacts by defeating BOSS and elite monsters.
- When you defeat BOSS and elite monsters, the Fatigue will be accumulated and Fatigue value to be increased is different from the monster you defeat. Once the Fatigue is filled up, you cannot challenge.
- Fatigue can go up to 300 a day and it resets everyday at 05:00 (game server time).
- Fatigue can be reduced by consuming Potion of Purification item.
- Fatigue doesn’t accumulate should you leave the dungeon before defeating the BOSS monster.
- Achievements regarding Temple of Solomon will be added to Corps Achievement and it can be found in the bottom right, through [Corps] > [Achievement] > [Temple Growth].

# 2. Temple Artifact
- Check out the mysterious Artifact containing the power of Temple RES! 
- Temple Artifact can be found in the bottom right, through [Temple Artifact].
- There are 4 Temple Artifact ratings Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary and each rating consisted for total 9 types.
- Equipping Temple Artifacts grant various options and different Temple RES types.
- There are 4 Temple RES types: Cloud/Deluge/Blizzard/Lightning.
- Equipped Temple Artifact can be switched at any time and when switched, Upgrade, Awaken, and Imbue Magic options will be inherited automatically.
- When you equip certain number of Temple Artifacts with same tier and rating, a special Set Option can be activated.
# Magic/Epic rating: Max 6 Set Option
# Unique/Legendary Rating: Max 9 Set Option
- Unique/Legendary Temple Artifacts have a wider variety of Set Temple Artifacts with different Set Options.
- You can equip different types of Set Temple Artifacts at the same time. So, you can mix and match different Set Options.
- The Temple Artifacts have dedicated PVP skills for each set and are activated when over 7 legendary Temple Artifacts of the same set are equipped.

2-1. Artifact Upgrade
- You can upgrade Temple Artifact via [Temple Artifact] > [Upgrade] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- You can upgrade Temple Artifact using Magic Crystals as materials.
- Magic Crystals can be acquired by dismantling Temple Artifacts in the Artifact Inventory.
- You can increase various Artifact options and Temple RES by upgrading Temple Artifacts.

2-2. Awakening Artifact
- You can awaken artifacts via [Temple Artifact] > [Awaken] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- You can awaken Temple Artifact using Magic Awakening Stone as a material.
- Awakening Temple Artifacts grant the artifact with various options.
- Every time an equipped Temple Artifact reaches awaken level 1, 2, or 3 activates powerful property skill and is upgraded.

2-3. Imbue Magic
- Imbue Magic and can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Temple Artifact] > [Imbue Magic].
- Imbue Magic can be acquired from Temple of Solomon and each Temple Artifact can equip 2 Imbue Magics at the slot.
- Equipping Imbue Magic grants characters various magic options.
- Imbue Magic of the same rating and level has the same options.
- You can combine two items of the same rating and level to bring Imbue Magic to a higher level.
  # Imbue Magic (Epic): Level 6 max
  # Imbue Magic (Unique): Level 7 max
  # Imbue Magic (Legendary): Level 9 max
- Imbue Magic can be equipped on all 8 Temple Artifacts except rings. Also, every time all equipped Imbue Magic reaches level 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9, the full body Imbue Magic option becomes activated.

# 3. Mythical Beast Core
- Equip Mythical Beast Core full of various options!
- Mythical Beast Core can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Mythical Beast] > [Mythical Beast Core].
- Mythical Beast Core is divided into 7 Cores: Mythical Beast Spirit, Mythical Beast Lineage, Mythical Beast Soul, Mythical Beast Heart, Mythical Beast Spirit, Mythical Beast Fighting Spirit and Mythical Beast King. Each Core can be equipped to corresponding equipment slot.
- There are 4 Mythical Beast Core ratings Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary.
- Mythical Beast Core can only be equipped to the same or lower rating of Mythical Beast and a Core higher rating than Mythical Beast cannot be equipped.
- Each rating of Mythical Beast Core has Set Effect. The number of Mythical Beast Cores required for activating Set effect are 2, 4, 6 and 7.
- Mythical Beast Core can be obtained via Ruler’s Butler.
- If you equipped lower rating of Mythical Beast Core than Mythical Beast, you can forge the Core.
- Forging a Mythical Beast Core can evolve the rating. When evolving a Core, the options of the Core increases depending on the rating of the Core and a new option will be added.
- Forging a Mythical Beast Core requires Mythical Beast Soul Crystal. Mythical Beast Soul Crystal can be acquired via Ruler’s Butler.
- You can increase the success rate when forging a Mythical Beast Core using another Mythical Beast Core as a material.
- The used materials cannot be recovered or irreversible.

# 4. Awakening Mythical Beast
- Meet the special options and powerful exclusive skill by awakening Mythical Beast!
- Awakening Mythical Beast can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Mythical Beast] > [Preview] > [Awakening]
- Only designated Mythical Beast can be awakened and those Mythical Beasts are as follows
: Flamen King, Awaken Condra, White Lord, Angelo, Hellmount Ruler and Abyss Bishop
- Awakening Mythical Beast can be done up to 2 times using Mythical Beast Heart as a material.
- Awakened Mythical Beast can engage in battle and activate awakening effect and exclusive skill after first awakening.
- The awakening effect and exclusive skill will be more powerful after 2nd awakening.
- You may equip awakened Mythical Beast to one of Awakening Battle Slots which is a total of 6 slots at any location.
- Choose Mythical Beast portrait and drag it to change on Awakening Battle Slot you want.
- When you are in a PVP battle, awakened Mythical Beast equipped in all 6 awakening battle slots will be summoned for battle in their order.
- When you summon an awakened Mythical Beast in battle, it will support you during battle using its exclusive skill.
- Mythical Beast can be summoned for 15 seconds and when the time goes by, the next Mythical Beast will be summoned for 15 seconds after the 5 seconds of the summon interval.
However, when the summoning time of last Mythical Beast located in the 6th slot is over, the first Mythical Beast will be summoned again after 20 sec of summon cooldown.
* The summoning time and cooldown are applied even the awakening battle slots are empty.

# 5. Barrier Divine Stone
- Strive towards Godly powers! Experience divine power via the Barrier Divine Stone!
- Barrier Divine Stone is opened after the Barrier content is opened.
- Barrier Divine Stone can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen in [Spirituality] > [Barrier] > [Equipped Divine Stone].
- Divine Stones can be acquired when sub quests in each Divine Stone slot are completed. The sub quest can be acquired from the <Guard Captain> Marune in Lorencia.
- There are 4 types of Barrier Divine Stones: Deformity/Sorrow/Disaster/Chaos, and once Barrier ratings B/A/S/SS are achieved, you can unlock the Divine Stone slot.
- You can acquire various Divine Stone options pending the number of equipped Barrier Divine Stones.
- Forge Barrier Divine Stone to increase Divine Stone options.
- Divine Power Crystal is used to forge Barrier Divine Stone and it is dropped by an Ancient Battlefield BOSS.
- Infusing Divine Power into each Barrier Divine Stone drastically increases options along with Divine Stone rating, and depending on the number of equipped Divine Stones, powerful Divine Stone Skill activates.

# 6. Wing Amplification
- Amplify your Wings and gain a competitive skill over other classes!
- Wing Amplification content is unlocked after 2nd Class Change and reaching character Lv. 200.
- Wing Amplification content can be found in the bottom right, through [Spirituality] > [Wings] > [Amplify Wings].
- Wing Amplification can be activated sequentially starting from 1st Tier Wings.
- Wings should be equipped to continue Wing Amplification, and [Amplified Heart] is required as a material.
- Wing Amplification grants various options and skills, and you can choose the Match class to apply the Amplification skill.
- The Match class can be re-selected without any limit.
- Skills and Options acquired from the Wing Amplification will not be applied if the Activated Wing is unequipped.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]

# 1. Convert Set
- Make Set equipment through Set Conversion, an easier and stronger way to grow Set equipment!
- Set Conversion content opens after reaching Master 150 (Lv. 550).
- You can convert Set equipment through in the bottom right side of the screen, under [Craft] > [Set] > [Convert Set].
- Only the equipment which Set is activated and crafted can be converted to another Set consuming the conversion cost.
- The Set Upgrade level is maintained after the Set Conversion.

# 2. Addition of Store Notification System
- Added a notification function to notify players when new purchasable or limited quantity items have been added or when those items' purchase count has been reset.

# 3. Daily package reward changed
- A part of the Daily Package items will be adjusted starting from June 20th (Mon), 2022 (Monday) after the maintenance.
Please refer to the Event Notice for further details. [Click here to go to the event]

Thank you.