▶ Tenth Update Preview of MU Archangel


Hello, Warriors!

The Tenth update is coming soon with full of various contents!

We are announcing the update news in advance so that Warriors can check the contents to be updated beforehand.
Please check below for details.

* When update is ongoing, the entire server will be inspected. Maintenance schedule will be announced via further notice.
* Detailed information about the update content will be provided through 'Update Patch Notice' on the day of the update.
* The update schedule and contents are subject to change. We will notify through additional notice if changes are made.

■ 10th Update Preview of MU Archangel ■

1. Holy Armor
 - Empower yourself in battle with other characters, Holy Armor!
 - After activation, Holy Armor allows damage reduction effect and after promotion, Will and Holy Stats also increase.
 - Also, options are additionally acquired when certain grade is reached, and the maximum grade is SSS.
 - When reaching SSS grade and max. star-rating, Forge Spark is opened.

2. Ordeals of Marune
 - Overcome the Ordeals of Marune and seize the various rewards!
 - After reaching certain tier of Class Change and level, Ordeals of Marune is available at 5 a.m.
 - Ordeals of Marune is available for 10 days after the content is opened, and there are total of 7 Ordeals.
 - Ordeals rewards are available after fulfilling all the Ordeal Quest completion conditions.

3. Weekly Card
 - Purchase the Weekly Card with the discounted price!
 - With the Weekly Card, all the daily pacakges can be claimed, and unclaimed rewards are sent via mail.

4. Material Storage
 - Use the Material Storage in the Guild!
 - Through donation, guild members and guilds can obtain spirituality materials and Guild Construction Materials.

5. Luck Craft
 - Luck Craft - Powerful Options for greater strength!
 - Luck Craft is available when 7 parts of Godly Equipment with more than 6 Tier.
 - Luck Craft consumes Stone of the Goddess of Luck and Jewel of Blessing.

6. Soul Training
 - Look for the Mysterious Tome to unleash the Strength of Soul and reach a higher limit!
 - Opening Soul Training enables you to unlock Mystic Land and once unlocked, you can acquire Soul, which is the Mirror Image of your Character.
 - The Soul enters the Mystic Land and it can be upgraded after obtaining options after completing informed goals.

6-1. Skill Soul Promotion
 - Promote a skill and experience a different type of skill!
 - Materials required for Skill Soul Promotions can be acquired through Soul Training Contents.

Thank you.