[10th] MU Archangel July 28th (Thurs) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 10th MU Archangel update that took place on July 28th (Thurs).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon re-connection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel July 28th (Thurs) 10th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]

# 1. Ordeals of Marune
- The Ordeals of Marune only comes to those who are prepared. Overcome the Ordeals and receive a wide variety of rewards!
- Once you reach the following tiers and levels, the Ordeals of Marune opens up the following day at 05:00 (game server time).
: Tier 3: Lv. 360-380, Tier 5: Master Lv. 150-165, Tier 7: Master Lv. 310-320, Tier 9: Master Lv. 510-520
- The Ordeals of Marune will be open for 10 days and a total of 7 Ordeals will take place.
- You can complete 1 Ordeal each day and each Ordeal consists of 3 Ordeal quests.
- Upon completing the daily Ordeal, the next Ordeal will be available at 05:00 (game server time) and if an Ordeal isn’t completed on the day of, the following day’s Ordeal doesn’t open.
- Once all Ordeal quest completion requirements are met, you can acquire Ordeal rewards.
- Ordeals of Marune finishes after 10 days or once all the Ordeals are completed.
- Should a player did not receive the Ordeals Reward within the Ordeals of Marune duration, it will be sent via mail the following day.
* The Class Switch Card can be acquired from Ordeals of Marune is valid for 14 days.
* After the update, you may start the Ordeals of Marune corresponded to your current level. All previous level rewards of Ordeals of Marune will be sent via mail at 05:00 (game server time). However, you can acquire only one Class Switch Card.

# 2. Holy Armor
- Holy Armor will give you a strong boost in battle against other characters!
- Holy Armor opens after reaching Master Lv. 230 and completing the 6th Class Change and the [Holy Armor's Trail] sub quest.
- Holy Armor content can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Spirituality] > [Holy Armor].
- Holy Armor activates during PVP status and gives you a powerful DMG Reduction effect.
- In order to activate the Holy Armor, there must be the characters who met the conditions for activating Holy Armor nearby you within 6M.
- When you activated the Holy Armor, it would be marked with purple below your character.
- If there are not enough characters for activating the Holy Armor during the Holy Armor effect is going on, the Holy Armor status will be gradually decreased after 5 sec.
- If the battle doesn't start within 5 seconds after activating Holy Armor, the Holy Status will be gradually decreased. Also, the higher the level of Will, the lower reduction ratio of Holy status will be granted.
- You can level-up Holy Armor Star Rating and once you level-up all of them, you can promote it using materials.
- You can acquire Holy Armor’s Star Rating level-up materials from Solo BOSS.
- When promoting Holy Armor, Will and Holy Stat will be increased.
- Promoting Holy Armor to a certain rank grants you additional options.
- Promoting Holy Armor to Rank B grants Crowd Control reduction effect.
- Promoting Holy Armor to Rank S increases max HP.
- Promoting Holy Armor to Rank SS reduces the number of required characters to 2+ to activate it.
- Promoting Holy Armor to Rank SSS reduces HP reduction and grants CC immunity.
- The materials for promoting Holy Armor can be acquired through Solo BOSS, World BOSS, Ancient Battlefield BOSS, and Diamond Shop.
- Holy Armor’s max rank is SSS.
- When Holy Armor reaches SSS rank and the Star Rating is leveled up to max level, Forge Spark content will be unlocked.
- You can forge Spark on Holy Armor using Star Rating level-up materials and promotion materials.
- When Forge Spark reaches a certain level, you can acquire Forging Property.

# 3. Soul Training
- Awaken and unleash Soul Power and Mysterious Tome and challenge the new limit!
- Soul Training content opens after completing the <Mysterious Tome> sub quest which can be acquired after reaching Master Lv. 1.
- Soul Training content can be found via [Soul Training] button right next to the map.
- Opening the Soul Training content enables you to unlock the Mystic Land, and once unlocked, you can receive the Soul, which is your character's Mirror Image.
- The names of each Mystic Land and Soul are as follows.
 # Mystic Lands: Mystic Land of Light, Mystic Land of Sand, Mystic Land of Ice, Mystic Land of Spirit, and Mystic Land of Power
 # Souls: Soul of Light, Soul of Sand, Soul of Ice, Soul of Spirit, and Soul of Power
- The ‘Soul’, the player’s Mirror Image, enters the Mystic Land.
- Soul can be upgraded by acquiring Soul options which can be obtained through upgrading and evolving equipment, equipping various equipment, promoting Pet and etc.
- Each Mystic Land consists of a main dungeon and hidden dungeon.
- You will be given 3 challenge attempts every day and the limit resets everyday at 05:00 (game server time).
- Once the main dungeon is cleared, the challenge attempt is deducted, but no attempts are consumed when a hidden dungeon is successfully cleared.
- The following conditions do not deduct a challenge attempt depending on the type of Mystic Land.
: Mystic Land of Light - At least 90 days after the server open, over Master Lv. 150
: Mystic Land of Sand - At least 120 days after the server open, over Master Lv. 250
: Mystic Land of Ice - At least 150 days after the server open, over Master Lv. 350
: Mystic Land of Spirit - At least 150 days after the server open, over Master Lv. 430
- The following Mystic Land can be unlocked when the character reaches a certain Trial of each Mystic Land and completed Class Change that meet the requirement.
- Each dungeon has monsters with each Mystic Land's element.
- After entering a dungeon, engage in a fierce battle with a monster for 40 seconds, and should you be victorious within 40 seconds, the Trial is considered successful.
- You can acquire Refined Crystal, Garnet, and other various rewards through completing each Trial of Mystic Land.
- You can select one Mystic Land every week to acquire Weekly Rewards. The quality of the Weekly Rewards will be better, the higher the Mystic Land Trial tier is.
- Weekly Reward resets every Monday at 05:00 (game server time).
- You can select Mystic Land rewards as a part of the Weekly Reward, and once the selection is completed, the selected Mystic Land's Demonify buff will automatically be applied.
  While Demonify buff is active, you can enter to the private channel of Land of Demons.
- When you clear a certain Trial of each Mystic Land, you can receive special rewards. Also, you can obtain the Soul Promotion Capsule item through clearing the last Trial.

# 4. Material Storage
- Donate to Material Storage and obtain various Guild Construction Materials!
- Material Storage content opens after reaching Master Lv. 100.
* Material Storage content will be available to servers are opened more than 100 days and reached Current World Lv. 180.
- Material Storage can be access through [Guild] > [Building] > [Material Storage].
- After reaching Guild Lobby Level 8, Material Storage can be built using Guild Funds.
- There are 2 types of donations in Material Storage, Garnet Donation and Diamond Donation.
- You can donate to Material Storage consuming both types of goods
- By donating, you can acquire Guild Construction Materials and Spirituality level-up items.
- Construction Materials you obtain via donation depend on the level of Guild Shop. The greater the level difference, the more Construction Materials you can gain.
- There are Weekly Donation limits on the available Material Storage donation and each Weekly Donation limit of Garnet and Diamond Donation is different.
- The Weekly Donation limit resets every Monday at 05:00 (game server time).

# 5. Luck Craft
- Grant a more powerful blessing to equipment by crafting Luck!
- Luck Craft content can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen, through [Craft] > [Luck Upgrade] > [Luck Craft].
- Luck Craft content opens after reaching Master Lv. 200.
- Luck Craft is available starting from 6th Tier or higher.
- Crafting Luck consumes [Stone of the Goddess of Luck] and Jewel of Blessing as materials.
- When you craft Luck on the equipment, the default Luck option is greatly increased and a new option, Lethal Chance, will be granted.
- If there is a critical damage occurred, the corresponding critical damage will be increased for 10% at a random rate due to Lethal effect you obtained through crafting Luck. The Lethal effect is followed by the equipment which are Luck crafted.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]

# 1. Max Spirituality Tier Expansion
- The Spirituality max tier has been expanded as below.
  # ATK/HP/DEF/Criticality: Expanded max tier to 1,200
  # Recovery: Expanded max tier to 800

# 2. Addition of Weekly Card
- Warriors! Please attention to our new product, Weekly Card!
- You can acquire 7 days’ worth Daily Packages at once by purchasing Weekly Card at a discounted price.
- After purchasing Weekly Card, you can collect all Daily Packages for 7 days through [Daily Package] menu.
- If you did not collect Daily Package on that day, it will be sent to you via mail the following day.
- Also, you can obtain additional rewards by purchasing Weekly Card.

# 3. Addition of Garnet Bonus system on Daily Package
- Added Garnet Bonus system on Daily Package.
- The Garnet Bonus rate is accumulated depending on the VIP level, server’s opening day and each Cumulative Purchase Count for Daily Purchase. The purchase count is calculated separately for each Package.
- You can check the detailed Garnet Bonus rate through the upper right corner of screen in [Receive] > [Daily Package] > [Garnet Bonus] menu.

Thank you.