[11th] MU Archangel August 29th (Mon) Update Note (Added)


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 11th MU Archangel update that took place on August 29th (Mon).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon re-connection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel August 29th (Mon) 11th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]

# 1. Scepter
- Feel the might of the raging Scepter in your Domain!
- Scepter content opens after reaching Master Lv. 300.
- Scepter can be viewed in the bottom right, through [Crown] > [Scepter].
- Gems can be inserted into a total of 6 Scepter slots.
- Gem equipping slot is activated when the previous Gem slot achieves 1-Star Rating.
- Gems for equipping in the Slots can be acquired in the Land of Demons and have 4 Ratings - Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary.
- When equipping Gems into the Scepter, you can acquire various options and Gem skills as well as powerful AOE Skills.
- Various Gem skills that are helpful in strategic battles can be acquired by equipping Gems of Unique/Legendary rating.
- Set Options for the rating are activated when equipping 2/4/6 Gems of the same rating.
  Ex) 4 Epic Set Effects and 2 Unique Set Effects are activated when equipping a Total of 2/4 Epic Gems and 2 Unique Gems in the 6 Slots.
Decay Area / Decay Whirlwind / Absorb Ultimate AOE Skills for the corresponding rating are activated when equipping 6 Gems of the same Epic/Unique/Legendary rating. 
- When activating AOE Skills, a portion of energy required for AOE Skill use is charged, and the required energy amount for AOE Skill use can be checked by looking at the Basic Attack Skill icons in [Battle Mode] at the bottom right of the screen.
- When the Energy is fully charged, you can press the skill button to use the AOE Skill that applies a powerful effect in a certain radius around the character.
- Equipped Gems can be replaced with other Gems at any time, and when replacing Gems, and Gem Star Promotions, Gem Levels, Gem Awakenings, and Gem Markings are maintained.

1-1. Gem Star Promotion
- You can proceed with Gem Star Promotion via [Crown] > [Scepter] > [Gem Upgrade] > [Star Promotion] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- Gem Star Promotion can be done by consuming Power Stones to increase Star Rating up to 11 stars.
- You can acquire Star Rating Option through Gem Star Promotion and Star Rating Options increase the higher the Gem Star Rating.
- Depending on the Gem Star Rating, some Gem slots and Marking slots are activated.
- Power Stones can be acquired from Land of Demons, Solo BOSS and World BOSS.

1-2. Gem Level-Up
- Gem Level-Up can be found in the bottom right corner of screen in [Crown] > [Scepter] > [Gem Upgrade > [Level-Up].
- You can consume Mithril Crystal to level-up Gems.
- The higher the level of the Gem, the higher the Gem Level-Up options will be.
- Gems can be upgraded to higher levels by reaching the Gem Slot's corresponding Star Rating.
- Mithril Crystals can be acquired from World BOSS.

1-3. Gem Awakening
- You can Awaken Gems via [Crown] > [Scepter] > [Gem Upgrade > [Awakening] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- You can use the Ancient Fragment of the corresponding rating to Awaken in the order of Epic/Unique/Legendary.
- You can acquire Awakening Options whenever you awaken a Gem, and Awakening Options increase the higher the Awakening Rating.
- When all 6 equipped Gems are awakened with the same rating, the Star/Moon/Sun Rise Awakening skill corresponding to each rating will be activated.
- Speed of AOE Skill Energy Charge increases when Awakening Skills are activated.
- Ancient Fragments can be acquired from World BOSS.

1-4. Gem Marking
- You can Mark Gems via [Crown] > [Scepter] > [Gem Marking] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- Each Gem Slot has 4 slots to equip Gem Markings in.
- Gem Marking slots are activated when the conditions for achieving Star Rating for each Gem slot are completed.
- When equipping Gem Markings, various Marking Options can be acquired.
- There are 4 Gem Marking Ratings - Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary.
- You can exchange or unequip the equipped Gem Markings anytime.
- Legendary Gem Markings are divided into Exclusive Markings and Common Markings.
- Only 1 Legendary Exclusive Marking can be equipped in the corresponding Legendary Exclusive Gem.
- You can acquire various Marking Options and powerful Property Effects when equipping Legendary Exclusive Markings.
- Gem Markings can be acquired from Land of Demons and Solo BOSS.

1-5. Gem Storage
- You can check the Gem Storage via [Crown] > [Scepter] > [Gem Storage] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- You can upgrade your Gem Storage Tier by dismantling your unused Gems or Gem Markings.
- As the Gem Storage tier increases, the Gem Storage options increase.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]

1. Addition of EXP Storage System
- Added a new system, EXP Storage where you can store your EXP after reaching max level.
- EXP Storage content is opened after reaching max level, and completing the <New EXP Storage> sub quest.
  When you complete the sub quest, you will acquire [EXP Storage Unit] item and it will be sent to your inventory.
- In condition of possessing [EXP Storage Unit] item, the exceeded amount of EXP will be stored in EXP Storage. The stored EXP will be sent via mail when the max level is expended.
- After max level expansion, [EXP Storage Unit] item you possessed will be deleted.

# 2. Addition of new Eagle
- Added new Eagle, 'Luck'
- 'Luck Eagle' can be obtained through 'Eagle Luck Package'.
- After the update, a new Auction item 'Eagle Luck Package' will be added to Chrysos Arena World Shop.
- Warriors can bid the new item at Chrysos Arena World Shop and the starting price for 'Eagle Luck Package' is 50,000 Garnets.

* Please note that the new contents of Eagle will be available in the future updates.

# 3. VIP Level Expansion
- The max VIP level in MU Archangel has been expanded from 15 to 20.

Thank you.