▶ Twelfth Update Preview of MU Archangel


Hello, Warriors!

The twelfth update is coming soon with full of various contents!

We are announcing the update news in advance so that Warriors can check the contents to be updated beforehand.
Please check below for details.

* When update is ongoing, the entire server will be inspected. Maintenance schedule will be announced via further notice.
* Detailed information about the update content will be provided through 'Update Patch Notice' on the day of the update.
* The update schedule and contents are subject to change. We will notify through additional notice if changes are made.

■ 12th Update Preview of MU Archangel ■

1. Soul Weapon
 - Soul Weapon can be activated using Soul Weapon activation item and the item can be found in the Chrysos Arena Shop.
 - When you unlock the Soul Weapon Property, you can acquire exclusive skill and the skill can be used at Chrysos Arena.

1-1. Soul Weapon Absorption
 - Soul Weapon can absorb Soul Shard, and the Soul Shard can be obtained through Chrysos Arena and other ways.
 - When the Soul Weapon absorbed the shards, the absorption level increases and every time you level up it, the Absorption option will be granted.

1-2. Soul Weapon Refinement
 - Soul Weapon Refinement requires the Gemstone of Immortality and the Gemstone of Immortality can be obtained through Garnet Shop and Arena.
 - The higher the star rating is, the more Refinement effects will be given.

1-3. Soul Weapon Promotion
 - When you promote the Soul Weapon, the basic option increases and you can also acquire a promotion effect which makes Soul Weapon option increase.

1-4. Awakening Soul Weapon and Resonance Effect
 - Awakening Soul Weapon requires each equipment part ‘s Awakening material items. When you awaken The Soul Weapon, you can obtain Awakening option and Property skills as well.
 - If you awaken 2 parts of Soul Weapon Set, the Resonance is activated and acquire Resonance Effect.

1-5. Soul Circle
 - Each Soul Weapon can equip maximum 4 Circles via marking.

2. Relic
 - Activating Relic requires Summoning materials and Awaken materials, and activating [Relic] grants you basic option and property skills.

2-1. Relic Fosterage
 - By using Relic Spirit, you can foster the Relic.

2-2. Relic Upgrade
 - Relic can be upgraded by using Relic Crystal, which can be obtained through Blood Castle.

2-3. Awakening Relic
 - When you awaken the Relic, the Relic tier will be raised to next tier and corresponding property skill will be activated. Also, the basic option will rise significantly.

2-4. Relic Soul
 - Each Relic has 3 slots – Prudence/Sapience/Fortitude. Each slot can equip corresponding Spirit.
 - You can corrupt the Relic using tainted Relic Spirit by the Darkness. During corrupting the Spirit, you cannot deactivate or change the Relic Spirit.

2-5. Magic Circle
 - Magic Circle is consisted of several Magic Spheres that grant you various options and property effects.
 - Magic Circle points can be obtained through activating and awakening a Relic.
 - After using Removing Stones, Magic Circle is reset. All distributed Magic Circle Points are reset to their initial state.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]
 - Max Level expanded: Character’s max level has been expanded from 1235 to 1505.
 - New BOSS monsters are added.
 - New pets are added.

Thank you.