[12th] MU Archangel September 27th (Tue) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 12th MU Archangel update that took place on September 27th (Tue).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon re-connection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel September 27th (Tue) 12th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]

# 1. Soul Weapon
- Enjoy the battle through Soul Weapon at Chrysos Arena!
- Soul Weapon opens after reaching Master Lv. 400 and completing the [Soul Weapon] sub quest.
- Soul Weapon content can be found in the upper left corner of the game screen in [Character] > [Soul Weapon].
- Soul Weapon is consisted of 3 Sets: Hunter, Vampire, Witch and each Set has 2 types of Soul Weapons.
- Soul Weapon can be activated using Soul Weapon activation item and the item can be found in the Chrysos Arena Shop.
- When you activate the Soul Weapon, the basic option will be granted. In addition, the special option that only Soul Weapon has can be obtained via activating Soul Weapon.
- After activating Soul Weapon, you can unlock Soul Weapon Property by using Weapon Property Unlock Essence item.
- When you unlock the Soul Weapon Property, you can acquire exclusive skill and the skill can be used at Chrysos Arena.
- You can choose maximum 3 Soul Weapon Properties to use in battle and the chosen Properties will be applied as a passive effect in Chrysos Arena.
- Soul Weapon Properties cannot be duplicated.
- You can check the items related to Soul Weapon in Soul Weapon inventory.

1-1. Soul Weapon Absorption
- Soul Weapon can absorb Soul Shard, and the Soul Shard can be obtained through Chrysos Arena and other ways.
- When the Soul Weapon absorbed the shards, the absorption level increases and every time you level up it, the Absorption option will be granted.
- The max absorption level increases depending on the Refinement grade. The max absorption level is 200.

1-2. Soul Weapon Refinement
- Soul Weapon Refinement requires the Gemstone of Immortality and the Gemstone of Immortality can be obtained through Garnet Shop and Chrysos Arena.
- The max Refinement Constellation’s level is 6.
- The higher the Refinement Constellation, the more Refinement effects will be given.

1-3. Soul Weapon Promotion
- Soul Weapon Promotion requires Immortal's Reminiscence.
- When you promote the Soul Weapon, the basic option increases and you can also acquire a promotion effect which makes Soul Weapon option increase.
- Soul Weapon grade can be increased via promoting it. You can promote Soul Weapon up to Legendary rating.
- If you obtain Resonance Effect, you can upgrade the Resonance Effect through reaching Soul Weapon grade to Legendary rating.

1-4. Awakening Soul Weapon and Resonance Effect
- Awakening Soul Weapon requires each equipment part ‘s awakening material items. When you awaken the Soul Weapon, you can obtain Awakening option and Property skills as well.
- If you awaken 2 parts of Soul Weapon Set, the Resonance is activated and acquire Resonance Effect.
- When the Soul Weapon reaches Legendary rating via promoting it, the Resonance Effect level will be increased.

1-5. Soul Circle
- Each Soul Weapon can equip maximum 4 Soul Circles via marking.
- Soul Circles can be equipped are divided into 2 parts:
# The Upper Left/Right side
# The Lower Left/Right side
- Soul Circles for equipping have 3 Ratings - Epic/Unique/Legendary. Starting from Unique rating Soul Circles can be promoted.
- The Set Effect is activated depending on the number and rating of Soul Circles.
 If you equip the Legendary Soul Circle, the Set Effects will be activated not only Legendary Set effect but Unique Set effect as well.
- Legendary Soul Circle can be promoted using Soul Circle Promotion Essence item as a material.
- When you promoted the Legendary Soul Circle, the Soul Circle name changes to ‘Extreme’ and it becomes more powerful via promoting effect.

# 2. Relic
- Complete the Magic Circle in your own way and becomes more powerful!
- Relic opens after reaching Master Lv. 280 and completing the [Relic has appeared] sub quest.
- Relic content can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Relic]. The materials for summoning and awakening Relic can be obtained through sub quest and World Shop.
- Activating Relic requires summoning and awakening Relic items as materials and activating Relic grants you basic option and property skills.
- Property skill has 4 Ratings – Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary and the rating can be raised to upper tier via awakening and upgrading.
- Relic accompanies with your character everywhere you go and, Relic Appearance can be set up via [Inventory] > [Appearance Settings].

2-1. Relic Grow
- Grew the Relic using Relic Spirit.
- Each Relic has corresponding Spirit and you can acquire bonus option via growing Relic using suitable Spirit.

2-2. Relic Upgrade
- Relic Crystal is required for upgrading the Relic. The Relic Crystals can be obtained through Blood Castle.
- Upgrading Relic grants you upgrade option. When you reach a certain upgrade level, the property skill level goes higher and becomes more powerful.
- If you reach a certain upgrade level, you can promote the Relic using Divine Marking item as a material and you can upgrade the Relic additionally.

2-3. Awakening Relic
- Awakening Relic requires summoning and awakening Relic materials.
- When you awaken the Relic, the Relic tier will be raised to next tier and corresponding property skill will be activated. Also, the basic option will rise significantly.
- Awakening Relic gives you Magic Circle points and the points that can be acquired differ depending on the Relic tier.

2-4. Relic Soul
- Each Relic has 3 slots – Prudence/Sapience/Fortitude. Each slot can equip corresponding Soul.
- Relic Soul has 5 Ratings – Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary/Transcendent.
- Relic Soul can be promoted using materials when you reach 100% success rate. Promoting Soul grants you a Soul option and the Soul tier will be raised as well.
- Relic Soul for use as material should be the same or lower rating of the current equipped Relic Soul.
- When all 3 Relic Souls are equipped, you can activate the Property skill effect corresponding to equipped Relic Soul rating. 
If you equip the high tier of Relic Soul, the same and lower tier of Relic Soul Property skill will all be activated.
- The Relic Soul option has 6 Tiers - Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary/Transcendent/ Transcendent(Eclipse). A powerful exclusive Property skill will be followed when you activate the Transcendent(Eclipse) tier Relic Spirit option.
- Soul Training can be proceeded using the Soul Training Gemstone which is a Relic Training material item. When you complete Soul Training, the more Soul Training option, the higher Soul Training level you can get.
- As the Soul Training level goes higher, the option increasing amount will be increased.
- You can eclipse the Relic using Tainted Dark Soul. During eclipsing the Soul, you cannot deactivate or replace the Relic Soul.
- Relic Soul will be stored in its own inventory.

2-5. Magic Circle
- Magic Circle is consisted of several Magic Spheres that grant you various options and property effects. The Magic Sphere looks like a branch stretches out to 4 parts.
- Activating Magic Circle requires Magic Circle points and when you activate the Magic Circle, you will acquire a Magic Sphere option.
- Magic Circle points can be obtained through activating and awakening a Relic.
- Magic Sphere has an exclusive option which can only be applied to a particular class.
- There are conditions for activating some Magic Spheres and if you satisfy the condition, you can activate the Magic Sphere continuously.
- The basic and advanced property can be activated via activating Magic Sphere. Each property skill will only be applied to a particular class.
- Therefore, investing Magic Circle points is needed to activate Magic Sphere and choose Magic Sphere Property for your own strategy.
- Magic Circle can be reset using Removing Stone item. When you reset the Magic Circle, all distributed Magic Circle points are reset to their initial state.

[Contents Expansion and Addition]

# 1. Max Level Expansion
- The max level in MU Archangel has been expanded from 1235 to 1505.
- The expanded Max. level is Angel IX Tier 45.

# 2. Changes of some BOSS monsters and addition of New BOSS monsters
- The names and appearances of some BOSS monsters have been changed, and the rewards and EXP are as same as before.
- Added World Bosses, Individual Bosses, Ancient Battlefield Bosses per increase in max level.
: World BOSS – Flamen (Lv. 1235), Dark Flamen, Nivas, Flamen (Lv. 1270), White Lord, Red Lord, War Lord, Evil Lord, Disparter, Yanusys, Dark Caliber, Red Caliber, Cherub, True Cherub, White Queen, Red Queen, Midnight Priestess, Twilight Priestess
: Solo BOSS – Flamen (Lv. Angel IV Tier 1), Dark Flamen, Nivas, Flamen (Lv. Angel IV Tier 34), White Lord, Red Lord, War Lord, Evil Lord, Disparter, Yanusys, Dark Caliber, Red Caliber, Cherub, True Cherub, White Queen, Red Queen, Midnight Priestess, Twilight Priestess
: Ancient Battlefield BOSS
 # New Ancient Battlefield 4 (Angel IV): Ancient Lizard, Ancient Lizard King, Ancient Lava Lancer, Ancient Lava Commander, Ancient Mulciber, Ancient Flamen
# New Ancient Battlefield 5 (Angel V): Ancient Lava Lancer, Ancient Lava Commander, Ancient Shield Defender, Ancient White Queen, Ancient Flamen, Ancient Oracle's Lord
# New Ancient Battlefield 6 (Angel VI): Ancient Shield Defender, Ancient White Queen, Ancient Pegasus Knight, Ancient Holy Spider, Ancient Oracle's Lord, Ancient Disparter
# New Ancient Battlefield 7 (Angel VII): Ancient Pegasus Knight, Ancient Holy Spider, Ancient Holy Fighter, Ancient Holy Lancer, Ancient Disparter, Ancient Cherub
# New Ancient Battlefield 8 (Angel VIII): Ancient Holy Fighter, Ancient Holy Lancer, Ancient Commerce Executive, Ancient Void Shield, Ancient Cherub, Ancient White Queen
# New Ancient Battlefield 9 (Angel IX): Ancient Commerce Executive, Ancient Void Shield, Ancient Wandering Knight, Ancient Primitive Cannibal, Ancient White Queen, Ancient Midnight Priestess

# 3. Sanctuary Ordeals
- Angel III ~ VIII Tier 45 Ordeal dungeons have added.
- Once a character reaches Angel IIII ~ VIII Tier 45 for the first time in each server, it will open next day at 05:00 (game server time).
- Ordeal Dungeon stays open for 3 days.
- Ordeal Dungeons are divided into two dungeons, Silver and Gold, and the dungeons that can be entered differ depending on character level.
# Angel III ~ VIII Tier 45 Ordeal Silver Dungeon: Each Angel Tier 1 to Tier 44
# Angel III ~ VIII Tier 45 Ordeal Gold Dungeon: Each Angel Tier 45 or higher
- You can enter the Ordeal Dungeon once a day, and the number of dungeon attempts is reset every day at 05:00 (game server time).
- You cannot level up past Angel III ~ VIII Tier 45 while each Tier of Ordeal Dungeon is activated.
- If you join a guild, you can acquire additional Holy Power in the Ordeal Dungeon.
- You can get Holy Power bonuses the next day according to the number of times your guild members enter the Ordeal Dungeon on that day.
- In the Ordeal Dungeon, you can acquire material items required for Potentializing.
- You can acquire rewards from the Sanctuary Ordeals screen after the Sanctuary Ordeals content ends. The rewards that can be acquired and their pertaining conditions are as follows.
# First Character to Activate Sanctuary Ordeals – Sanctuary Ordeals Hero Reward Each Angel Tier 45
  # Character who reached each Angel Tier 45 - Sanctuary Ordeals Gold Reward of each Angel Tier 45
  # Character who reached each Angel Tier 1 to below Tier 45 - Sanctuary Ordeals Silver Reward of each Angel Tier 45

# 4. Max Dungeon Floor Expansion 
- The dungeon floors of Blood Castle, Icaria, Kalima and Elemental Altar have been expanded as the max level expansion.

# 5. Daily package reward changed
- A part of the Daily Package items will be adjusted starting from September 27th (Tue), 2022 after the maintenance.
Please refer to the Event Notice for further details. [Click here to go to the event]

Thank you.