[13th] MU Archangel October 25th (Tue) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 13th MU Archangel update that took place on October 25th (Tue).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon re-connection after completely closing MU Archangel.

■ MU Archangel October 25th (Tue) 13th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]

# 1. Addition of New option ‘Eternity’
- Be an Emperor of Lorencia through Eternity option!
- Eternity option can be found in the upper left corner of the game screen in [Character] > [Default] > at the bottom of the [Option] menu.
- Eternity option can be acquired via equipping Scepter Gem.
- Eternity option is applied to all fields.

# 2. Addition of Spirituality Inventory
   : An exclusive new inventory has been added that can separately store Spirituality and Sacrament-related materials and property scrolls.
   : It can be seen through [Spirituality] > [Spirituality or Sacrament] > [Spirituality Inventory] in the bottom right of the game screen.
   : All existing items related to Spirituality and Sacrament items are stored in the new inventory.

# 3. Optimization of Item Dismantling 
   : The item dismantling function, in which each item was dismantled by type, has been changed so that various items can be disassembled at once.
   : Dismantle can be found in the bottom right corner of the game screen, through [Craft] > [Combine] > [Dismantle Item].

# 4. Addition of New Items on Mysterious Merchant Shop and Soul Stone system
- New items that can be purchased have been added. The newly added items are as below.
 : 9th and 10th Rune Shard
 : Soul Stone Shard
- ‘Soul Stone Exchange’ tab where you can acquire rare Soul Stones has been added on Soul Shop.
- Rare Soul Stones can be purchased using Soul Stone Shards.

# 5. Addition of Warrior’s Aegis Menu
- We have merged Wings and Flag menus for your accommodation and added new menu, [Warrior’s Aegis].
- Warrior’s Aegis is a one-stop menu where you can check and grow Wings and Flag.
- Warrior’s Aegis can be found in the bottom right, through [Warrior’s Aegis].

# 6. Addition of Wing Rune and Wing Rune Shard
- 6-7th Wing Rune and Wing Rune shard have been added

# 7. Max Scepter Gem Star Rating Expansion
- The Scepter Gem Star Rating has been expanded from 8 to 11.

# 8. Addition of new Soul Skill
- Some ratings of new Soul Skills have been added. The newly added Soul Skills are as below.
: Magic Rating - Threatening Winds, Fury Incarnate
: Epic Rating - Vanquish of Wrath, Burning Anger

# 9. Daily package reward changed
- A part of the Daily Package items will be adjusted starting from October 25th (Tue), 2022 after the maintenance.
Please refer to the Event Notice for further details. [Click here to go to the event]

[Improvements and Corrections of System]

- We have moved ‘Settings’ button in the bottom right at the game screen for convenient access.
- We have changed ‘Favorite Items’ menu into a button.
 The button can be found via [Auction] > at the bottom of [My Bid] menu > [Favorite Items].
- We have moved ‘Camera’ button to ‘Settings’ menu to simplify UI.
 The button can be found via [Settings] > at the bottom right of [Auto-Combat] menu > [Camera].

Thank you.