[15th] MU Archangel December 28th (Wed) Update Note


Hello, Warriors!

The following are details of the 15th MU Archangel update that took place on December 28th (Wed).
For more information, please refer to the details below.

* The details of the update will be applied upon re-connection after completely closing MU Archangel.
* We ask for your understanding that the Mounts can be awakend will be added through future content updates. We will update you via seperate notice when the Mount is updated.

■ MU Archangel December 28th (Wed) 15th Update Note ■

[Updated Contents]

# 1. Element Cohesion
- Craft Element Cohesion and Challenge to the way to become an Elemental Master!
- You can check Element Cohesion at [Craft] > [Set] > [Elemental Amplification] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- Element Cohesion is an element upgrade content that can give Elemental Set equipment more powerful strength.
- You can craft Element Cohesion to that has already crafted Elemental Set, achieved 6th or higher and reached equipment evolution Lv. 4 or higher.
- Element Cohesion is activated when all parts of equipment have reached to max level of Elemental Amplification.
- ‘Sacred Light Crystal’ item is required to craft Element Cohesion as a material.
- When you craft Element Cohesion, Elemental Set as well as Elemental Amplification options will be increased significantly.
- You can obtain a strong effect, [Sacred Light Set] depending on the number of equipment crafted Element Cohesion.
- The number of Element Cohesion equipment needed for activating the Sacred Light Set effect is 2, 3, 5, and 7.
- The details such as activated Sacred Light Set effect, information can be checked via [Elemental Amplification] > [Info] menu.

# 2. Soul Circle Star Promotion
- Attach a wing to Soul Circle via Soul Circle Star Promotion!
- You can proceed with Soul Circle Star Promotion via [Character] > [Soul Weapon]> [Soul Circle] > [Star Promotion] in the bottom right side of the screen.
- Soul Circle Star Promotion can be proceeded when you equip a Soul Circle at Soul Weapon.
- All Soul Circles can be increased dramatically Star Rating up to 3 stars.
- A various options of Soul Circle will be multiplied when you promote Soul Circle Star Rating.
- Promoting Soul Circle Star Rating requires Unique rating Soul Circle as a material.
- Soul Circle Star Promotion can be done when you reach Star Promotion Progress up to 100%.
- Replacing Soul Circle will not affect to the Soul Circle Star Rating.

[Improvements and Corrections of System]

- The display on Chrysos Arena Shop will be improved as below.
: the items have purchase limit will be moved forward
: the items have no purchase limit will be moved backward

Thank you.