▶ 16th Update Preview of MU Archangel


Hello, Warriors!

The 16th update is coming soon with full of various contents!

We are announcing the update news in advance so that Warriors can check the contents to be updated beforehand.
Please check below for details.

* When update is ongoing, the entire server will be inspected. Maintenance schedule will be announced via further notice.
* Detailed information about the update content will be provided through 'Update Patch Notice' on the day of the update.
* The update schedule and contents are subject to change. We will notify through additional notice if changes are made.

■ 16th Update Preview of MU Archangel ■

1. Wing Soul
- A Soul granted to the Wing! Enjoy the full power of the Wing Soul!
- Wing Soul content opens after reaching Master Lv. 350.
- Wing Soul content can be found in the lower right corner of the game screen in [Warrior's Aegis] > [Wings].

1-1. Wing Soul Upgrade
- Upgrade the Wing Soul and obtain exclusive Wing Soul options!
- Upgrading Wing Soul grants you enormous Soul Upgrade options.
- Upgrading Wing Soul requires Flame items such as Faint White Flame as materials.

1-2. Wing Soul Infusion
- Infuse Breath of Phoenix into your Wing Soul! The magnificent Soul Infusion option will follow you!
- All tiers and grades of Wing Soul can infuse Wing Soul and each Tier of Wing Soul can be infused up to 10 Star Rating.
- When you infuse Wing Soul, a large amount of Soul Infusion option will be granted.
- If you reach a certain Wing Soul Infusion Star Rating, the magnificent Eternity options will be activated.

2. Wing Awakening
- Awaken the Wing and get outstanding Awakening options as well as Awakening Property Skills!
- Awakening Wings grants you outstanding Awakening options and activates Awakening Property skill.
- Wing Awakening Property skill is specialized in PVP battle, and Wing Awakening Property skill varies from each Wing tier.
- When you awaken the Wing at the beginning, you need to choose one of the character classes you want to make a resistance. 
Then, the Awakening Property skill will be changed to the class you chosen.
- The higher the Wing Awakening Tier, the more options and powerful Awakening Property skill will be given.

Thank you.