Server Merge Event! June 5th (Mon) ~ June 9th (Fri) in 2023 (GMT+7)


Hello, Warriors!

The long-awaited Server Merge has finally been prepared to provide a smooth server environment and for warriors to enjoy a variety of in-game content.

To welcome, server merge events are prepared for those meeting new friends!

Don't miss the chance to play with new friends and earn rewards!

Please refer to the contents below for more detailed information.

* This event is open from June 5th (Mon) ~ June 9th (Fri) in 2023 (GMT+7) regardless of the notice registered time.
* Only servers included in the Server Merge can participate. Please check your server before participating in the event. For further details, refer to the [Server Merge Notice (link)].

[Server Merge Event]

- Event Period
  June 5th (Mon) ~ June 9th (Fri) in 2023 (GMT+7)

- Event Description
  1. Only warriors of servers that are included in the Server Merge Target Group list can participate.
  2. You can earn [Flame of Condor], [Jewel of Soul] and other rewards during the event.
  3. The rewards you can acquire and content differ depending on the server open date.

# EVENT 1) Different rewards everyday! Daily Purchase!

- Event Period
  June 5th (Mon) ~ June 9th (Fri) in 2023 (GMT+7)

- Event Description
  1. With daily purchases of any amount during the event period, you can acquire a surprise package.
* Please note that the components differ depending on the server opening date, so please check before using the content.
  2. Use the Server Merge Package to earn rewards.
* Please note that all the reward in Server Merge Packages are acquired randomly.

# EVENT 2) For the full of rewards, Warrior Rally!

- Event Period
  June 5th (Mon) ~ June 9th (Fri) in 2023 (GMT+7)

- Event Description
  During the event, you can earn Letters by defeating BOSS of Ancient Battlegrounds BOSS, Personal BOSS, and World BOSS.
* You can exchange the earned letters for items.
* Please note that each item can only be exchanged during the event period, and cannot be exchanged afterwards.
* All exchanged items are sent to the inventory. Please make sure you have enough inventory space.
* Letter items used to exchange items cannot be recovered.

# EVENT 3) Guild Rating! Earn experience buffs with your guildmates!

- Event Period
  June 5th (Mon) ~ June 9th (Fri) in 2023 (GMT+7)

- Event Description
  1. After the server merge, the server merge event will open, and the guild ratings on the server will be recalibrated.
  2. When the ratings are finalized, guild members will receive additional experience rewards based on the rating of the guild they belong to.

# EVENT 4) Server Merge Siege! March for new conquests!

- Event Period
  June 7th (Wed) in 2023 (GMT+7)

- Event Description
  In [Server Merge Siege], you can earn auction items and personal rewards of different guilds based on the results of the siege.
* The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place guilds in S rank will gain auction items additionally as rewards.

* Precautions
1. This event is applied to merged servers.
2. The event period lasts for June 5th (Mon) ~ June 9th (Fri) in 2023 (GMT+7).
3. Items used or exchanged during the Server Merge cannot be recovered or cancelled.
4. All rewards acquired from the Server Merge event can be checked in the inventory. Before opening the package, please check whether there are at least 3 spaces in the inventory.
5. The event period, conditions, and rewards are subject to change. If there are changes, we will post details through current notice.
6. In case the event is not displayed normally, please close the game completely and re-access the game.

Thank you.