• You can check your PIN ID by going to [System > CS] in-game.

  • [How to check for Android]
    1. Go to [Settings] in your phone.
    2. Go to [About Device > Model Number] to check your device information.
    3. Go to [About Device > Android Version] to check your OS information.
    * Settings may look different depending on the brand of the device.

    [How to check for iOS]
    1. Go to [Settings] in your phone.
    2. Go to [General > About] to check your device information and OS information.

  • [How to check Google Play Account]
    Google Play Account refers to the Gmail account registered in the Google Play Store.
    Please follow the steps below to check your Gmail account.
    1. Run the Play Store App.
    2. Tap on the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen.
    3. Your Gmail will be listed at the top of the list.
    Be sure to remember your Google Play Account as it is required to process any transaction related issues.

    * Payment Details
    • [Google Play Store]
      Order receipts from the Play Store and App Store will be sent to your store registered e-mail.
      All details including your order date, payment method, item, and order# will be listed in the receipt.

      - Store Transaction Details: Access Google Pay(https://pay.google.com/payments) > Login > [Transaction History] Menu in the upper left corner > Click on the relevant Issue in Payment History > View Transaction Details

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